10 Best Switch Games of 2020 | Games of the Year

Presenting the highest-rated Nintendo Swap video games for the yr 2020 primarily based on the #playscore, a score that mixes critic and gamer opinions.

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  1. alepiu saja says:

    Sakuna really is an amazing game. It's hard to find a great game with new gameplay concept nowadays

  2. Ghost says:

    did people actually like age of calamity??? i loved the story, but the gameplay was not it chief

  3. Kzer 2019 says:

    Honestly, Trials of Mana is a really great game and I'm glad I got it when it came out. It got me into the mana series (btw trials of mana branched off Final Fantasy)

  4. Damn basically no exclusive or new games on this list. Basically ports and rereleases. Bland year for the switch.

  5. KB_314 says:

    Good list. Three others would have made it onto mine – Ori, Hades and Crimzon Clover. (Hard to decide what they would replace though)

  6. JUSTIN CHAN says:

    more than 1000 games release on switch this year alone?

  7. This narrator's voice should be in a top 10 of its own.

  8. Denoy says:

    Though I love ACNH, Hades is no. 1 in my list.

  9. Omer Bar says:

    So u r telling me Ring Fit Adventure is better than every single game on this list?

  10. Missing Immortals Fenyx Rising, for me the best of 2020

  11. this channel befuddles and entices me

  12. Pesanta 64 says:

    Doom Eternal? Paper Mario: The Origami King? Immortal Fenix Rising? Ori and the Will of Whisps? Pikmin 3 Deluxe? Tokyo Mirage Sessions? Where are you?

  13. How on gods green earth is Hades not on here? IGN and Time Magazine game of the year.

  14. Mitch Guzman says:

    Hades, Ori, Doom Eternal, borderlands, and bioshock. Where are they?

  15. twitchster77 says:

    This list seems all over the place and I don't really take it serious.

  16. twitchster77 says:

    I bought a Switch just so I could play Animal Crossing.
    800+ hours later and I love that decision!

  17. Zamfy el 満 says:

    Sorry guys but the number one of 2020 is immortals fenyx rising, get your facts straight

  18. imGrisky says:

    animal crossing looks so boring, how can it be no 1

  19. Really animal crossing is number uno…

  20. Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening Special Edition?

  21. Flagonstein says:

    Tell your dad not to take away our youth center!

  22. All the other games on this list were good or at least heard they were (as I've not played them all), but I wish I could get a refund on animal crossing… I just don't get it… It's so boring 😴

    Also where the heck is Hades? I know it's opinion based, but how can anyone not include that.

  23. omg want to buy NinSwitch console and some of their games now lol. Thanks Whtply!

  24. Deva Aulia says:

    Holy moly rune factory 4 made it to top 5, very well deserved that game is crack to me

  25. Tracer says:

    Im starting Trials of Mana today 😁

  26. Was that a filthy frank reference?

  27. whatoplay says:

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