15 Most Anticipated JRPGs of 2021 Coming to PS5, Series X, Switch, PC, PS4, XB1

It is ripe time we glance past this yr for our much-needed rpg repair. On this video, we showcase our picks for essentially the most anticipated Japanese RPG video video games set to come back out in 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Sequence X, and the Nintendo Change. It consists of essential particulars comparable to launch dates, gameplay footage, costs, and extra.

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  1. only like this vid for Eiyuden 😀

  2. whatoplay says:

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  3. Wes Meyer says:

    You forgot Monster Hunter Stories 2.

  4. Shin megami tensei V's mc is to damn ugly.

  5. Justin Baker says:

    Something to note: story of seasons is the name of the old harvest moon series now; harvest moon:one world is the old localizers using the harvest moon name to make their own games after the developers split with them (since the localizers own the western name)

  6. BrittleBebop says:

    looks i am holding off in buying a ps5 for a while. The games I am looking forward t playing the most out of this list is final fantasy and tales of arise. They are both coming to pc. Not to mention that Nexus will also be coming to pc.I can rest easy and not be in a rush to save chunks of cash to buy a ps5.

  7. Leonhart says:

    These are some good titles, I'm kinda surprised Bravely Default 2 wasn't mentioned though. That's a bit of a big one.

  8. Tiger X says:

    MegaTen, Eiyuden Chronicle, maybe Rune Factory 5

  9. the last one is suikoden?? =OOO

  10. TheGoul29 says:

    Chained Echoes and Shin Megami Tensei V look very nice.

  11. Azel Roth says:

    Stop recommending harvest moon its shit. Story of seasons is just superior in every way.

  12. Buck Roger says:

    Glade to see Cris Tales make the list, I've been waiting for the game for over a year.

  13. Enyr Tovsen says:

    FF16 most likely won't be 2021

  14. Kimochi san says:

    still waiting for a decade for Dark Chronicle 2 and Jade Cocoon 3

  15. Souls Dnight says:

    still waiting for elden ring……

  16. No bravely default 2? Wth are you even doing here?

  17. Harvest moon looks like dogshit

  18. Alfie says:

    Scarlet Nexus and FF16 looks amazing.

  19. selenium says:

    I hope this "ajastment to controversal difficulty" won't turn Nocturne in another Persona 5….

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