25 Best Switch Games of All Time [2020 Update]

We rank one of the best Nintendo Swap video video games primarily based on their #playscore. These are the highest-rated titles you’ll find on the #eShop.
Full rating of the highest Swap video games:
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  1. whatoplay says:

    Since it's launch last 2017, Nintendo Switch has been one of the most established consoles today. Here's a list of the Top Nintendo Switch games so far.

    Complete list –

  2. Farah Taqi says:

    Right after this I bought links awakening it was the best thing ever

  3. A Sönmez says:

    Hollow Knight should be top 5

  4. "Might be the Best pokemon experience yet"

    No no not even close it's an absolutely abysmal pokemon game. Plays like a DS game but was supposed to be next gen. Terribly easy to the point of having zero challenge. Crappy new pokemon, missing fan favorites, missing movesets, arguably the worst pokemon game yet!

  5. Angel Chong says:

    Just Dance 2019 anyone? XD

  6. Matti Plater says:

    I really didn’t like breath of the wild

  7. mav45678 says:

    I hate the writing and the delivery on this video.

  8. John Ly says:

    Animal crossing is not even top 10?!wtheck…

  9. John Ly says:

    More like 25 most score rated switch games

  10. Wow…..this list thou? I have number one, three, and animal crossing…..and I don't like any of them. They were a waste of money…smh

  11. Labomba TV says:

    Great list mam, i like mario oddysey

  12. Does Tetris 99 not exist for people or something? It’s music alone gets it up on my list and I’ve spent hours on it it’s so fun

  13. I didn't know that people here are SOO STUPID. Didn't you hear that the ranking was based on the reviewd score? Lolz if you are bitter then leave a review and place a perfect score on the review and also call your friends to make reviews to get high number. Its not the channels fault that your favorite games ranks so low in reviews lmao.
    They say, my (insert game name) is not here so this is so inaccurate! Lmao the reviews in the store is the most accurate and easiest way to find the most popular games. The other method to find the ranking is through number of sales but the reviews rank is the easiest to find. The ranking is ACCURATE based on the TOTAL REVIEWS OF ALL THOSE WHO BUY THE GAMES NOT BASED ON YOUR F*CKING STUPID CRYBABY SELFISH FEELINGS.
    GO fuck with your feelings. People in the comments are stupid af😬🤦‍♂️

  14. belfosama says:

    Top 25 without Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Octopath Traveler……absolute trash.

  15. Bruh Im watching this video and I don't have a nintendo switch sad I'know


  16. Not her calling that disaster a blockbuster…😬 ok chile🥱

  17. Wha- DQXI is the highest rated 3rd party game on this list?! Only followed by Smash, Mario Kart, Odyssey and Botw?!? I… I can't even. I'm so happy to see this game getting the love it deserves! <3
    (I'll even forgive the narrator obviously not having played this game. "Dragon Quest 6", "Erdia"… ^^)

  18. Nyphii Blue says:

    I don’t get it… why is Mario so popular?? I don’t even think I properly know what you do in those games anymore

  19. Botw is definitely the reason I got the switch in March 2017. Literally none of the other launch titles were compelling. Funny thing is I had a Wii U.

  20. top 21's game is actually C R A P

  21. Kreatlers * says:

    this "playscore" is garbage. seriously, having no splatoon 2 is a serious no no

  22. Yes Yes says:

    Glad dbfz is up there

  23. l i L l Y says:

    Me the whole vid: breath of the wild better be on here
    Botw: 1st place dats right

  24. NTG360 says:

    Wish Doom & Astral chain was on sale

  25. Who else got the switch just to play Zelda

  26. Imdb Truth says:

    I'm not even a fan of Animal Crossing, and I don't play it, but to have it ranked 18th when its sales have blown away all other titles in that same time is ridiculous. I can't tell you how many videos I've seen of people talking about how they expected to hate ACNH, they figured they'd be dunking all over it in their review, only to become completely addicted. It seems no demographic of age, nor race, nor gender is safe from the seductive wholesome and cutsie world of Animal Crossing.

  27. If it has an anime art style, I immediately skip it

  28. It's Dragon quest 11s not 6

  29. James Kozy says:

    "New" super mario Bros U, blows chunks

  30. NO PATS JIM says:

    Untitled Goose Game #26? Should be!

  31. Jason Trapp says:

    First it’s 11 S not 6 S.
    XI= 11
    Second where is Celeste and Xenoblade?

  32. But….Splatoon…..2……WAHHHHHH

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