25 MORE Upcoming PS5 Games for 2021

Increasing on our earlier video ( listed below are extra PlayStation 5 video video games scheduled to launch this 2021, organized by launch dates.

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  1. whatoplay says:

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  2. If thats he best they have for us this year, then its going to be a very poor year for gaming.

  3. I honestly feel like most of this year are simply upgraded and enhanced ports from ps4 to ps5. Next year and the year after those are when things are going to go ham.

  4. he mentions sekiro but not ghost of tsushima, the only true samurai game lol

  5. Games have become so homogeneous. You can add a new layer of polish on a turd, but it is still a turd. Yawn.

  6. Roger Jones says:

    Terminator is delayed until end April with Xbox Series X|S Yakuza is a good game launched last November on Xbox, Control, It takes 2, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Praey for the Gods, Disco Elysium, and many others in this review are also coming to xbox.

  7. Jeezus 12 says:

    These upcoming games look straight ass. Just Remake every ps2 game goddamit.

  8. Wow so just a whole lot of shit.

  9. i hope they're not expecting us to re-buy GTA or Witcher 3 for PS5. Already have them for PS4 ( and in the case of GTA V, had that also r ps3). Won't buy it a 3rd time.

  10. U just got a ps5 and I can honestly say its not worth the hype.

  11. E.Z’z_Dark says:

    Just got the ps5 I’m fucking ready for a good year

  12. Han P says:

    none of these games look 'next gen'

  13. 00:02 My wallet is ready but Sony don't have enough PS5 to sell D:
    Who is Still waiting to get one like me but it always out of stock?

  14. gearzone2611 says:

    Bunch of shit games.
    Where's Sleeping Dogs 2, Max Payne 6, Dead or Alive, Syphon Filter, Tomb Raider, Tekken, Grand Theft Auto 6, Metal Gear, Kill Zone, Far Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Burn Out, Grid, Red Dead Redemption 3, Dirt, Tom Clancy Rainbow Six, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, Prince of Persia, MotoStorm, Kill Zone, Splinter Cell, Just Cause, Infamous, Socom, Guilty Gear, Suikoden, Hitman, Ace Combat, 007, Tenchu, Medal of Honor, Bushido Blade, etc.

  15. Cee Why says:

    What the hell is this. How have games become so shit. Not one single game interest me. What happened to the realistic action genre? Games that don’t include magic, or flying or weird creatures. Games like splinter cell etc. no more of that, they have forgot about us.

  16. Great ps2 games this year

  17. This is the only person in the world to pronounce yakuza “eea-Kuh-zuh” idk if it was for attention or not but I had to dislike

  18. Nyx Fenris says:

    Voicing LOTR does not consume less breath than just saying Lord of the Rings. Same amount of syllables

  19. I love my ps5 had to buy from a scalper but i got one. Such a crappy way to launch a system with online only way to get one.

  20. Joe Clark says:

    Mannnnn….none of this games got me hype. Like where are the legit ps5 games…not remakes, no remastered but actual ps5

  21. Keychan64 says:

    Hawkeye us not playable idiot.. its katie bishop

  22. Banes Bro says:

    Remedy have always had the best gun play, Control is a really good game.

  23. So no big new trippel a games made just for the ps5. Wak

  24. PS5 is just a fancy HD PS4 for at least 2 years. There are no actual PS5 titles.

  25. Oscar Ortiz says:

    “It’s no sekiro” nioh 2 is more advanced with more character freedom and builds with a more difficult combat system and way more hours of content so… yea I guess it’s not sekiro

  26. Ogy Akbar says:

    I guess you miss kena the bridge of spirit and hzd

  27. Matt Thomas says:

    This year of games is gonnnna suuuck. Is the world supposed to end or something ? Games suck now

  28. This list made me like stadia more its clear to see no one is getting any great games

  29. Not one single good looking game….

  30. If only Sony would allow crossplay, then I would re-buy these games like Nioh 2. But they're greedy and thinking backwards.

  31. If it’s not these 5 idc
    Fight night
    Hog warts

  32. Tea&Cupcakes says:

    why does the game teach us to steal. That's bad manners game no.10

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