5 Game Development Tips for the Nintendo Switch

Listed below are 5 nice tips about the right way to develop Video Video games for the Nintendo Change. This video critiques the right way to design, plan, code and develop, and at last submit video games for the Nintendo Change.

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The Nintendo Change has taken the gaming world by storm – and never simply mainstream gaming, indies are discovering the Change a spot to name residence as nicely. So how do you get your title on Nintendo Change? We’re Ask Gamedev and listed here are 5 tips about the right way to develop indie video games for Nintendo Change.

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  1. Ask Gamedev says:

    Hi everyone – please let us know in the comments if you have any questions on Switch Development, or suggestions for future Askgamedev videos! Thanks for watching!

  2. now my question is
    can you play rpg maker vx ace games on the switch?

  3. One day, I will make a game for the switch. I have a lot of ideas for games but I just dont have people to work with, I better find some. Oh well, imagine my games being popular lol, that wont happen

  4. Emily747 says:

    What languages are supported on the switch?

  5. THO games says:

    For anyone wondering why there is no Switch sub-tab on Nintendo's Developer Portal, it's because Nintendo wants to know who you are and what you want to bring to the Switch. Follow their instructions on how to send them an email. They are very friendly people.

  6. NebelKan says:

    Can I also create a game for free? Why should I spend so much money at all, can not I just drag the application directly to the switch?

  7. didn't you forget how to apply to be a switch developer? the platform is only for 3DS / WiiU

  8. Bruh Coins says:

    How would you know if the switch would be powerful enough to handle your game?

  9. Where can I buy the development hardware kit for the Nintendo Switch. I registered as a Nintendo Developer but it does not give me the option to develop on the Nintendo Switch?

  10. Jampakdd says:

    These are not tips for developing on the switch… just how to get on the switch…

  11. how about ps4 and xbox

  12. DeathEngine2 says:

    Thank god I already had an NDID before I watched this video, skips a few steps for me.

  13. Ed Findlay says:

    lol whos got 15k just to spend on art? You would never make that back.

  14. one of the worst…
    made thumbnails…
    in the history of YouTube and video games

  15. This was helpful. I am making a game on switch and this helped

  16. Drillo says:

    Does it work if your engine is Construct 3?

  17. S Baez says:

    What if I want to develop a game and publish it but don't want to register?

  18. The cute alien killed me.
    But now how hard ET was killed by throwing it in a landfill.

  19. ara ara says:

    Yes I have read the content of this game-making page, but I only found Nintendo 3ds and wii u Can I still make a game for Nintendo Switch?

  20. Aww man im broke as a joke

  21. Thanks this help so much :edit: lol I mean helped

  22. Does anyone with a devkit knows if EDEV Kit fuctions also as the retail one? i know gamecards aren't compatible, but what about digital content from nintendo's eshop? am about to order one to port my game into switch and want to know if my investment could be used as a regular switch after finishing on development. Thank you!

  23. #gamedev How to design good puzzle games ?

  24. Hey can you do a video for Sony and Microsoft as well?

  25. dont you have to go through a developer program or something? can you do a video on that?

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