9 Nintendo Switch Games to Play After Zelda

You have had sufficient of Breath of the Wild. Why not check out Shovel Knight? Or how about Snipperclips? Pocket Rumble? Some Japanese stuff?

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  1. WULFF DEN says:

    A few updates:
    Graceful Explosion Machine is confirmed to be out April 6th. I'm also getting a lot of comments about Snake Pass which I've never heard of before today, and apparently it's out today! So there ya go.

  2. karrantza says:

    To play all that shitty games that shold cost 2 dollars, you have the 3ds. You expend 329 euro to play that totally overprized retro games? After zelda i expect some red dead, bioshock, wolfenstein 2 or something like that….

  3. Is everything indy and retro games how about dark souls or bordenland or games like that cuz I like indy games but y also like serious games

  4. I want a shirt that says “all that social media garbage”

  5. Secret ! says:

    Buy a $400 console to get Zelda and a bunch of NES games. Amazing.

  6. Joseph Eno says:

    This list makes no sense

  7. Caleb B says:

    This video blows, Snipperclips…lmao

  8. TyrOdinSon says:

    And thats why i didnt buy switch yet. After zelda there is nothing of interest. just some indiee games i can play on pc or ps4. Maybe if the price was lower…

  9. I am no one. says:

    I cannot afford any of these games thank God breath of the wild is a giant game

  10. Bob Thank you for being considerate this vid is the only one with CC on the preview keep it up and more deaf people will appreciate your works.

  11. 자메스 says:

    I am quite sad that except some of the titles like Zelda, Mario, etc..
    Only I can play with nintendo switch are games that I can actually play with mobile.
    Im not saying that nintendo switch sucks though. It is one of the briliant gaming device. But still, need more games to play.

  12. Yeah great, all those games are for 5 year olds or trash

  13. dknight xs says:

    May I recommend Mark of Ninja and Salt and sanctuary.

  14. XenoDrakE says:

    Xenoblade chronicles 2?

  15. Sword and shield
    Pokémon Sword and shield are Zelda if it was more RPG and it’s based off a game 99.5% of people reading this comment have played

  16. Diana0rtiz92 says:

    After you mentioning shovel knight like a billion times in your videos,…I broke down and bought it . Your a good sales man 🤔

  17. Casey Kenis says:

    Updating this, if you finish zelda go to mario :d

  18. Bomberman R was on sale and I bought it without hesitation because I knew you loved it. I was very dissapointed…

  19. Icey says:

    Odyssey…… play odyssey

  20. :/ I don't like Zelda. I'm not a contrarian I swear! It's just reeeealy not for me.

  21. I bet any of these games will be better than BOTW

  22. Has anybody had alot of fun/terrible time with shovel knight

  23. oh your brother was the person on your first video

  24. Jeff SansNom says:

    When i see this video it confirmed my décision : Play zelda and sell the switch

  25. Just got a switch, so it's new to me. Are there 2 player games without a network? If so I would appreciate some suggestions.

  26. Ian Fink says:

    I have never played Shovel Knight but I did own a Wii U…what the hell am I!?

  27. I'm late to the Switch party. I just got my first Switch lite for my 45th birthday this month.(middle aged gamer joy) I have been playing Super Mario 3D All Stars because the last console I owned was a Nintendo 64 and it was the Mario 64 nostalgia that drew me in here. Also, Breath of the Wild and Hollow Knight. So far, I'm really loving the system. So much fun! Love your channel, man. cheers!

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