Atelier Ryza 2 Review – Best Atelier Game? (PS4/PS5/SWITCH/PC)

Because of Koei Tecmo for offering a overview copy! On this overview of Atelier Ryza 2: Misplaced Legends & the Secret Fairy we check out the most recent recreation and presumably even the very best atelier recreation to date! After 3 years Ryza meet up with Tao within the large metropolis to look into newly found ruins which might be associated to alchemy. Shortly after each Klaudia and Lent be part of the journey too and new characters corresponding to Patricia, Serri and Clifford even have a private curiosity in becoming a member of.

This Atelier Ryza 2 overview exhibits gameplay, cutscenes, particular abilities and provides a transparent and concise introduction to the brand new fight and alchemy programs. Within the coming days I will probably be importing extra Atelier Ryza 2 movies so when you do not need to miss out on these ensure to subscribe!

The gameplay proven was recorded on a PS4 PRO and I’ve performed the sport for 42 hours earlier than scripting this overview.

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00:00 Introduction & common info
01:31 Story & Setting
02:23 Metropolis
04:18 Alchemy
07:08 Exploration & Gathering
09:18 Fight
13:14 Wreck investigations & storytelling
15:44 Remaining ideas

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Recreation Description:
This story takes place three years after the occasions of the earlier recreation “Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout,” and depicts the reunion of Ryza and her buddies, who undergo new encounters and goodbyes to find a real priceless treasure.

《The Story》
Three years have handed since Ryza’s secret grand journey on Kurken Island. Ryza, the one member of her group to stay on the island, receives a letter from her buddy telling her about ruins that could be associated to alchemy, together with a mysterious request involving a glowing stone. This conjures up her to depart the island and enterprise out to the royal capital, Ashra-am Baird. Nonetheless, Ryza is unaware that this can result in the start of an imaginative new journey involving a pursuit of the mysteries of the ruins surrounding the royal capital and a gathering with an odd creature that can change her life.

《Most important Options》
■ Exploring with new subject actions!
Ryza can now carry out many new actions within the subject, together with diving underwater, utilizing vegetation to climb partitions, shifting by slender gaps, and utilizing magic ropes to journey between separated areas. These and different talents enable Ryza to discover varied areas and ruins extra absolutely and actively.
■ Extra action-filled real-time battles!
Take in your enemies utilizing an improved “real-time techniques” battle system, which is now quicker and extra thrilling than ever. Speedily swap between characters, select different abilities, and make the most of objects in simply the precise moments for greatest outcomes.
■ Simple and easy-to-use synthesis!
Make the most of a number of new synthesis programs, together with the brand new intuitive “Linkage Synthesis” system the place objects are positioned in cells known as “Materials Loops”, which might be designed to permit each new gamers to simply be taught synthesis, and skilled gamers to create distinctive custom-made objects. Created objects can be blended and matched with “Evolution Hyperlink” to create totally new objects.

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  1. Arhimeas says:

    Thanks for the review
    I love your work on Sakuna, continue like this <3

  2. Doffy says:

    I love your review! Keep the great work 🙂

  3. Dayum alchemy skill tree. Getting this game ASAP thank you. <3

  4. Ma Greiner says:

    I really hope they add the ability to turn off bloom on PS4. It's really horrible.

  5. Swrinny says:

    Customs subtitles have been added! A bit later than usual due to issues with YouTube. Also – I'm curious to what you guys think of the game, do you also feel like it's a big improvement over the first?

  6. Travis says:

    Thank you for explaining the alchemy system for me, every review never does this but spends 20 mins on story smh I get mad everytime I see that

  7. Dark Prince says:

    Seem like cool game with kawaii girls (♡*♡)

  8. U need to work like hell , i have to take a break once a while because its a story driven, i love the side story , especially if u set to auto to listen their story interaction

  9. Junkman says:

    all hail god queen thunder thighza

  10. ButterMilk says:

    I really appreciate the layout of the review and how much info you give. I know nothing about the games and wanted to mostly know about combat and alchemy. I was able to skip along and you told me exactly what I needed to know. 10/10 will let your channel play in the background while I sleep tonight as you deserve views!

  11. Red booty shorts…..huh, I had not noticed 😉

  12. Fantastic review, do you recommend I play the first Ryza game before trying this one out?

  13. Roland N says:

    The monster target others if you stopped attacking for a while since it knows you want to guard.
    So the best way to avoid is time monster attack to know when to stop attacking so you can have a small window and not a long one since the monster will know you want to guard.

    But in reality, it is better to keep attacking and tanking hits since you will likely not die, so you will be ok with decent armor.

    Also, by the time you have 15AP and use two ability or more, it is good to switch to your other character in reserved to avoid waiting time so you can attack soon as possible, bypass waiting time so you can keep repeating the process over and over for quicker damage and CP building with two characters.

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