Brie Larson plays her favorite Nintendo Switch games

Watch how Nintendo Change lets Brie Larson play video games like #Fortnite, #RingFitAdventure and #AnimalCrossing anytime, wherever.

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  1. Ummm meh. Gimme another actress plz

  2. ジョシュ says:

    Imagine being forced doing this for money

  3. gabes , says:

    Gonna sell my Switch now

  4. Sy A says:

    She looks like she’s being held at gunpoint to do this

  5. fat geisha says:

    This ad isn't for middle aged white men

    I couldn't resist

  6. Chris Hemsworth playing pokemon sword and shield

  7. 13,000 sexists leaving dislikes, I see

  8. M Dolinski says:

    Are you chicken to play me in Battle Mode? Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep

  9. Pines says:

    any nintendo video description:
    New Super Lucky's Tale

  10. Brie Larson is one of my favorite celebrities

  11. Wolf Atticus says:

    0:54 Brie with that glam is bloody gorgeous. Albeit, she doesn't need makeup to look that great.

  12. Luigisil says:

    É engraçado como eles falam, parece que qualquer um pode ter um jogo caro desse

  13. Luigisil says:

    Quero ver se eu conheço um no Brasil que tem esse console

  14. Luigisil says:

    Mas eu conheço sesenas que tem Xbox, sesenas que tem Playstation e milhares que tem Pc:)

  15. Fortnite lets gooooooooooo!

  16. iiJxko says:

    Take out Fortnite and this would be a pretty good ad


  18. hoilum tang says:

    Yeah I love animal crosssing omg. I ahve that game I love it so much

  19. Oye nintendo quiero una swch Lite por favor me la regalan?

  20. Please never again…this ain’t it

  21. NO ONE like Brie larson

  22. Kev sith says:

    Nobody likes Brie Larson. Bad choice of actr

  23. Kev sith says:

    damn nintendo is getting progressive

  24. Fortnite must be running great 👍

  25. ELITE JFM says:

    Thi is what my dad calls ADDICTION TO games

  26. Mr. Floyd says:

    People who hate Brie Larson should be shot

  27. 466xb says:

    Nintendo can you give me a nintendo? I don't have nintendo

  28. Puchi Simida says:

    That, boys and girls, is how to lose your job.

  29. Robert Ranes says:

    Everybody is thinking it so Ill just ask… Who honestly cares about what Brie Larson plays?

  30. it would be funny if she was using the captain marvel fortnite skin

  31. Mike S says:

    You can tell this is a fake celeb likes switch ad, its Brie Larson

  32. Billy8 says:

    Is it sad that I don’t play any of these games?

  33. WreckReplica says:

    Aaaannd it's fortnite.. shame

  34. Why is Brie Larson receiving a lot of hate??

  35. Avatar Roku says:

    Brie Larson gets payed to play a Nintendo Switch game*

  36. Ruben Givoni says:


  37. NickTheNoble says:

    I feel like it would be extremely painful to be in one of these insert well-known person here Switch ads.

  38. Not a great plan to use the least genuine person possible to promote your products Nintendo.

  39. Lmao I literally searched "TheQuartering" and this video popped…

  40. Rusty Golem says:

    Does she tolerate to play with middle age white men too??

  41. It would've been cool if they showed her playing the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game when it rereleased but this was before it rereleased.

  42. A V says:

    She can't act for crap.

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