Dirt 5 – First Look | PS5

On this particular DIRT 5 video, Technical Director David Springate goes into element on how the sport makes use of the PS5 {hardware} and software program, and the objectives that DIRT 5 achieves on the next-gen console. From a model new layer of immersion, to beautiful graphical efficiency, it’s all coated right here!




  1. seppy weppy says:

    Wow, would you like that… Dirt 5 looks awful on both consoles but when xbox reveals the way it looks, they get hate but if playstation reveals the way it looks, they get support.

  2. video starts

    looks slightly less 4K than the Series X version

    Developer explains the dual sense

    who needs 4k anyway 😍

  3. g18k77 says:

    Since this is a dirt racing game, why not add circle track dirt racing? Such as, late models, big block modifieds, sprint cars, with full event racing and racing seasons.

  4. The side mirrors don’t even work 😂😐

  5. JP 88 says:

    Please tell me you guys noticed that the cars don’t even leave tracks smh 🤦‍♂️ so disappointing

  6. Thanks again Codemasters!!!

  7. prozac1127 says:

    Lol 120fps is an excuse not to update the visuals

  8. Jay Henny says:


  9. Najmi Hanif says:

    Hold on a sec. Set the resolution to 1080p60

  10. Im a Big fan of PS4 And PS5 I love it more than xbox

  11. Gaz says:

    Will it be VR supportive?

  12. TheGodji80 says:

    Hi there… After buying this game, I was disgusted as there is NO REPLAY MODE! How is it possible for a racing game in 2020? It was too much work for Codemasters, so they just trashed it… and the worse is that nobody seems to complain about it, many reviews don't even mention it (I live in france). Congrats, here's the new standard for racing games! And beside, Codemasters boasts 120 fps, track editor, dualsense haptic etc etc etc… marketing stuff. Moreover, the game is just correct and rather flat carrier mode.

  13. Thought it was a PS5 launch?
    I'm in the US everywhere I look says preorder coming the 19 🤔

  14. Oh, so console players don't need 30 fps anymore saying that's the limit an eye can see?

  15. matj1 says:

    They should enable steering by tilting the controller, using the gyroscope. I used it in Dirt Rally on PC and I could steer much more precisely than with an analog stick. From PlayStation games, it's in Gran Turismo Sport.

  16. Alan Mannion says:

    Giving me Wave Race feels

  17. 300zxdriver says:

    I don’t see dirt5 available on new ps5. Can’t download it?

  18. Is this fun like Dirt 3

  19. Please fix the corrupted save file bug… I was 50% in the career and that bug erased my save file… Now i have no motivation to play that game any more. I paid full price for it and never been so dissapointed . Many people in tweeter have the same problem .

  20. DON'T BUY SONY PRODUCTS! I've been a loyal customer through the PS3 hacking, that cost me a debit card and information security. I had a PS3 YOLD on me. I ate the cost of that. I've owned every console they've produced (and multiples of some others). They aren't backing up their hardware OR the software they verified will run they sell.
    Just tried to reverse the charges for Cyberpunk 2077 since the game is broken. I've been informed since I downloaded it, I cannot get a refund. Only way to determine it's defective is to download it. They failed to stop the sale of a game that barely runs and crashes every 3 hours and customers are going to eat the cost!
    It's time Sony is held accountable. I am plastering this all over their networks. I'm GOING to make sure my $63.59 is heard!!!
    Until they take care of customers do NOT give them your business!

  21. Steve Coates says:

    This game looks visually better on framerate mode on my xbox??

  22. I can’t say how bad this game looks, what a joke dude.. put more effort we put more dollars in ur pocket

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