Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires – Teaser Trailer | PS4, PS5

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Empires is coming to PS4/PS5 in Early 2021!

Combining the 1 vs. 1,000 actions of DYNASTY WARRIORS with the addition of strategic components, together with unit command, DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Empires units gamers on a quest to beat historic China by each sword and technique. Highly effective Siege Battles allow commanders to deploy models to seize strategic factors on the map like castles. Experiencing high-stakes fights at each flip, gamers can now take management of those central factors on the battlefield via the usage of hearth assaults or different stratagem, siege weapons, and, at instances, just by pressure as commanders execute their methods and assault enemy troops by issuing important instructions to models all through the skirmish.




  1. I bet Empires is really what the developers was looking forward to making the whole time!

  2. The World That is made out of Cao Cao.

  3. if it's as UGLY, empty open world, NON OPTIMISED FOR PC and DULL ANIMATIONS as the episode 9 was, then it's not worth to buy it

  4. Vang Her says:

    Hopefully this one isn't a disappointment…dw9 didn't appeal to me at all

  5. C C says:

    Fall back Shang Xiang! You are not invincible!?!

  6. Wow, considering the concept of Empires series and open world of DW9, hypothetically this game will allow you to free roam as a lowly soldier or mercenary RPG style. I always wanted that

  7. I want dynasty warriors 10 not this

  8. Joshua Veech says:

    Does this game have CAC and online COOP? Dumb question but can't find anywhere it says that's not a couple years old

  9. it's early 2021 anyone found a release date for this yet.

  10. Come on 2021 DW9EMPIRES IM READY

  11. Aloo BaBa says:

    When is it coming out

  12. Would you bring dynasty warrior online back in eng version please koei

  13. mast most says:

    Old memories from samurai warrior 2

  14. No XboxOne? I am devastated! 🙁

  15. MavericKay says:

    Finally, Cao Cao gets center focus! Please put him on the box art for 9 Empires like with 6 Empires.

  16. Ojalá esté en español 🙁

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