Godfall – Cinematic Intro: The Fall | PS5

If I’d left nicely sufficient alone, Macros would nonetheless be bullying rivals and battling enemies. As an alternative, he’s getting ready to godhood and our civilization lies in ruins. However Macros forgets what he mentioned to me that day: Gods belong within the sky.
Save Aperion. You’re the final of the Valorian knights, masters of fight outfitted with legendary armor referred to as Valorplates. Ascend in Godfall, a first-of-its-kind, looter-slasher, melee action-RPG.
Godfall launches on PlayStation 5 this Vacation 2020.

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  1. Ok, this is seriously one of the best, most badass cinematics I've seen in years!

  2. Kungfu coder says:

    transformer : lion king vs Macros prime


  4. Keoshi ™ says:

    i hope this game will be rpg or loot weapons.

  5. It's literally one month before release can't we get more info!?

  6. Rafıko says:

    Please come to ps4 I beg you

  7. napalm777 says:

    I was interested in this game, but why is it online only? Thats such a bogus move.

  8. 1:25 Robert Baratheon vs Rhaegar Targaryan

  9. This cinematic was cool. Just wish the game wasn't online only for single player as of now. Not cool.

  10. Manish Dhruw says:

    When simba defeated transformers and occupied asgard

  11. Robert Ramos says:

    My question is where are all the idiots that were saying “GeNeRiC GaMe PaSs”

  12. Moped Roller says:

    Looks lame, bunch of unused assets

  13. Archon473 says:

    Was literally rooting for the wrong guy the whole time…

  14. Alex Madwax says:

    how did he survive in the water with his heavy armor?

  15. When u think that u are fed and carry the game with Rengar. Then u 1v1 with the Nasus u haven't seen the entire game.

  16. Looks very very nice! BTW reminds me of Garo

  17. Drankus says:

    Who else thought it was the Wolf narrating and not the Lion?

  18. Destinyformers: The Rise of King

  19. just bought assassins creed valhalla
    opens wallet moth flies out

  20. Someone Just says:

    It would be awesome if you had the option to play as 2 different sides

  21. HeLLo Ethnic says:

    Brother shouldn't fight againts brother, sad 🙁

  22. suck3out says:

    Lack one thing, face impression.. Dont know whether character is sad, angry or frust.

  23. Games Kart says:

    feeling Optimus prime

  24. Sid R. says:

    So are there people underneath those suits or ?

  25. reminds me of Legion Commander from Dota 2 🙂

  26. i am going to buy ps5 godfall and spiderman+dirt 5

  27. Christian YC says:

    So the Game is about the Archons?? Interesting

  28. What can you describe
    ( Godfall )

    a High Fantasy also known as
    Epic Fantasy or other ????

    Reply down below.

  29. I feel like this is where Reinhardt from over watch comes from

  30. Emarcee Q'em says:

    This game is just vague as all heck but at least it plays well.

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