Godfall – Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5

Settle in for an prolonged have a look at fight in Godfall, a looter-slasher and model new, fantasy IP coming to PS5 this vacation. Take pleasure in 9 minutes of footage diving deep into the world off Aperion, the 5 weapon courses, full movesets for Longswords and Twin Blades, and extra, all working on PlayStation 5.

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  1. Artrysa says:

    I'm not sure why but the game strikes be as generic and boring.

  2. μ0riaL says:

    7k Dislikes are for the Game itself , or is it for that Exterme bAd gameplay? :q
    No hurt feelings , I know Im being mean but……….duuuude xD

  3. Black Widow says:

    This game not worst it

  4. John Gkoulis says:

    Apparently my brother brought this game. We have ps4 can we actually play it ?

  5. Lucy Match says:

    How to unbanned or go through all difficult point(s) on Godfall games
    Meet (albert_kelly_20) on Instagram who help me

  6. Sly says:

    Looks like a warframe clone

  7. ALİ UTKU says:

    hayatımda bu kadar boktan bir metin 2 çakması oyun görmedim

  8. They need to update this game in ascension tower of trial because sometimes in online coop glitch and game freezes. They need to make it easier to get the platinum trophy. My friends and I trying to get Ascendant trophy, but sometimes it glitches and freeze the game. Please fix the game. 🙁

  9. Folks are complaining about Godfall but are eating up Demons Souls? 🧐🧐

  10. This looks like better warframe

  11. Jae P says:

    if this game isn't using at least some Paragon assets, i'd be shocked.. i mean, it's Unreal Engine .. looks amazing

  12. Nathan Sandy says:

    This looks really cool

  13. Lord Zordid says:

    Looks very generic. Pretty though.

  14. tom33pr says:

    What a dull looking game! Boring beyond belief!!!

  15. Jackson S says:

    im getting a lot of monster hunter vibes from the dual blades

  16. Wow I can access my ps5 again thanks alot to cybeerhacker on I G.

  17. NEMEAN says:

    Why is the PS5 so expensive I waited 5 years for PS4 2 years later PS5 came out… guess I have to wait another 5 years………by the way I respect all those who have a PS5 and I am truly happy for them😊

  18. Jacob Parker says:

    Why’s this game look like it’s 6 hours long

  19. Mario Luigi says:

    All the negative reviews about this game are from people that don't have a PS5😂🤣😂…I have one and this game is great!!

  20. Godfall=Ascend Hand of Kul v2

  21. Should make this on ps4 would of been a better game

  22. Abba Cadabra says:

    fighting seems like Gladiator Begins on steroids

  23. Finally no Microtransactions

  24. Mustange 70 says:

    Yo Sony you need to talk to them there game is buggin

  25. tf is this warframe copy paste

  26. KERMIT says:

    Wasted potential.
    Really wished this game was going to be great.

  27. Tony Ejay says:

    this game is ok but 5 years too late..

  28. graphics don't look any better than ps4

  29. Kitty Star says:

    this is like a game that would come free in a box of cereal lol!

  30. Nemesis says:

    This game looks stunningly well. On pc, thanks again for porting it.


  32. Travis R says:

    This looks incredibly boring

  33. This Looks Like A Pick-Up-And-Play Game That I Wish I Could Play😭

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