Gran Turismo 7 – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Gran Turismo™ 7 builds on 22 years of expertise to convey you the perfect options from the historical past of the franchise

Whether or not you’re a aggressive racer, collector, fine-tuning builder, livery designer, photographer or arcade fan – ignite your private ardour for automobiles with options impressed by the previous, current and way forward for Gran Turismo™.




  1. krazyb1234 says:

    The king is back step aside posers.

  2. z Venq says:

    I cant wait anylonger!!!! Cmon im checking for a release Date everday!!

  3. I'm willing to wait for all these GT3/GT4 type features.

  4. Karuna M.G says:

    the dislikes are from forza fan bois

  5. Nostalgia maen game ini di PSP haha

  6. Penguin Guru says:

    I'm only interested on Career Mode and if I can play it offline

  7. Justin says:

    2030 and the release date is still to be confirmed 🙄

  8. hopefully they add the monaco track, and why did they remove the overhanging tree foliage from trial mountain ? 🙁 disappointing but still excited

  9. Cmon just tell me when the game is coming out man I can’t wait to get any longer

  10. Daniel CS says:

    Didn’t like the soundtrack tho….I think gt3 and 4 had the best menu soundtracks

  11. The smile that went across my face when i heard the Carrera GT..

  12. 2:33 秒からのステアの動きとマシンの旋回挙動が変ですね。

  13. cusman says:

    Will this have Tesla Model S Plaid+ or the Tesla Roadster 2.0?


  15. This and Horizon Forbidden West will be the only reason I'll be getting aPS5

  16. Cz 5000 says:

    Make a Gran Turismo 2 Remake (with perfect engine sounds) and this will be the King of all racing games forever!

  17. Flawda Boy says:

    Please put more “street” trucks

  18. Itspop4real says:

    still think gt 3 was better tbh

  19. tk274gr says:

    Will it be available for ps4?

  20. The guides look like something out of 2015 car mechanic or some cheap mobile game

  21. 1:29 can't believe I just realized this today that they didn't show this whole part of the menu back in the June events release trailer for GT 7 . This was basically an extended trailer and just realized it now lol . In the showcase in June they just showed the inside of the car then went to the driving part . Not sure why this vid wasn't labeled as an extended version of the original trailer. With that out of the way, I'm very hyped for this hopefully the release date will be revealed very soon . It's gonna be a day one buy for me

  22. Will the AI still be in a nutshell? haha

  23. please let us sell the cars, we hate to have tons of the same model , and the random system only give you the worst possible car

  24. Kristjan687 says:

    i hope the rally mode is like it was in gt5

  25. Reflex says:

    i still play gran turismo 5 and 6 but it would be so much better ig the servers were still on

  26. enerJay_ says:

    Incredibly vibrant game, I'm definitely grabbing this 1 for my PS5

  27. Cee Infiniti says:

    I'm hoping they keep the paint booth from GT Sport.

  28. Its all cool and stuff but did anyone see that version of Trail Mountain??? It looks like those recreation of real world tracks on the crew

  29. Chr A says:

    I wish they showed trial mountain outside the cockpit view aswell.

  30. Chr A says:

    They better add every group c and every single gt1 (1994-2011 gt1) or we riot

  31. Denzel Venn says:

    Is this onky on ps5 if so WHY

  32. Rob Rowman says:

    Will there be PS5s actually available by the time it comes out though?! Stay tuned!!

  33. Shane420 says:

    FINALLY!! Bringing back some of those GT4 memories!! Wasn't feeling the last few releases i gotta be honest, but this is looking perfect can't wait!

  34. AiM YT says:

    Yes the Daytona is in the trailer!

  35. doctorumarov says:

    I hope there will be more than 1200 cars

  36. 0 0 says:

    Mazda supercar is much better than Maserati

  37. [BR6] Loddix says:

    used car dealership and customisation , just misses the online selling xD

  38. mizo mint says:

    So where do we get banana peels and turtle shells?

  39. mizo mint says:

    Can we attach another tournament to this to create another pro driver after release?

  40. mizo mint says:

    Why are we getting this and not a quality competitive system version of Initial D / Wangan Midnight?

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