Hitman 3 – Dubai Cinematic Gameplay Trailer | PS5

Get your first have a look at cinematic gameplay of HITMAN 3, with Agent 47 actually on high of the world. Welcome to Dubai. Obtainable in January 2021 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.




  1. Ellon Fuego says:

    Give me a fish and i will do the job

  2. Momin A. says:

    now this, this will be fun

  3. Omerr says:

    Player and human modelling is sooo pooor still.

  4. All thanks to blitzhack on Instagram for retrieving my banned psn

  5. All thanks to blitzhack on Instagram for retrieving my banned psn

  6. mau navarro says:

    They only have like 4 types of people. They copy – paste of the crowds is :/

  7. SAJJAD 710 says:

    H I T M A N: IM Coming Home Im Coming Home

  8. ALPHA TECH says:

    hitmaa 3 is like hitman 2 ,ot hitman absolution,????plz reply

  9. Reyan Sk says:

    It really hit me

    It's like tom cruise from mission impossible gost protocol 😂

  10. So fine says:

    Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this incredible service and lots more

  11. Gps says:

    Super excited for this one 😍

  12. ps 5 is going to be beyond limit

  13. for digital only or both? ps4

  14. I don't know why but old hitman games had harder missions ?

  15. jhlTV says:

    I am waiting for this game to get to techno gamerz

  16. Jozef Em says:

    آلغرافيك نفسو ما تغير شيء 🧐🧐🧐🧐

  17. Humko nahi bhati habibi 47
    Humko prankster 47 mangti….

  18. reda Damej says:

    This game is exactly like ps4 gameplay, nothing new in this new generation console

  19. MemesWork says:

    I hope I see my tower where I live

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