Horizon Forbidden West – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy’s story as she strikes west to a far-future America to courageous an imposing, however harmful frontier the place she’ll face awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats. Coming to PlayStation 5.




  1. Why am i feel like i am watching a moive trailer

  2. Mylo Xylo says:

    Can i please fight against an metaldevil`?

  3. Bubbles says:

    ‘So if your going to San Francisco…’

  4. Amr Almatni says:

    Waiting it to drop on pc lol
    maybe in 3 years?!

  5. The title is forbidden west but its setting seems more like the East: China(Chinese dragons) and India(Indian elephants)

  6. Pls also for PC at least in a few years

  7. I love that game l am a kid

  8. Morenob says:

    They should release it on the Switch..

  9. Louis Jones says:

    I have but one request: Let! Me! Fly!

  10. its looks like we are fighting Hephaestus again while Sylens control again the situation

  11. I hope the sequel features more in melee combat

  12. Gamer 007 says:

    There's nothing I wouldn't do to play this game at the earliest.

  13. Marius X4 says:

    Why i love femenine archers?

  14. BolinFoto says:

    I hope they make the ledges more visible so you don't have to Skyrim your way up a mountain.

  15. ashhee says:

    awww looka dem lil crabby bois

  16. Can you also put this game on ps4 to pls

  17. zubnasty says:

    Cant wait to platinum this one too! Got my PS5 Ready! Thanks BK for Demon souls and the PS5er!

  18. elias zerano says:

    Hm so somone who played part one on PC need to buy a PS to continue now ?

  19. Imposter says:

    best graphics ever of any video game

  20. I would love to play as Silens with flying mounts.

  21. I hope aloy can perform the titanic pose while riding a thunderjaw like in cyberpunk

  22. Flowzayar says:

    so much…. nostalgia

  23. Please release the game soon. My ps5 is ready for it.

  24. Bring it to PC, you aren't going to get many pc gamers to buy $500 paper weights for 1 game

  25. eclectica1 says:

    It seems to me from this trailer as if Sylens is going to be the primary antagonist.

    If so, I'm all for that. I'd love to see Aloy put him in his place.

  26. Moin Meister says:

    Dont have the Money for a ps5

  27. SOLO_J _WOLF says:

    You can play this game on PS4 and on PS5 by the way

  28. Ben James says:

    Can't wait to play horizon forbidden west

  29. Let me guess the final boss is the Horus

  30. 2:28 – Colonel Broyles is back!

  31. This is way better than Avatar.

  32. ZugDuk says:

    Да ну опять дебильная борьба с сексизмом и фашизмом заставляет разрабов делать главную героиню невзрачной и пихать в игру негров

  33. Mдx 亗 Raj says:

    Game looks so impressive 😍

  34. Anyone notice how the plane at 0:25 and the ship right after look like a snake and a shark?

  35. Kenny Do says:

    Everytime I saw Lance Reddick in games.

  36. Please don't rush it please.

  37. RÏØT FN says:

    How long will we have to wait for another look at this game !?
    I seriously can’t wait !

  38. It is so beautiful i am gonna cry 😭

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