Maneater – Next Gen Launch Trailer | PS5

Maneater’s final energy fantasy has developed! Expertise 4k HDR at 60FPS, DualSense controller help, lightning quick load occasions, and extra when it launches alongside PlayStation 5 on November twelfth!

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Drug Reference, Mature Humor, Gentle Language




  1. Mohd Zahid says:

    Plz buy these kind of games

  2. Mohd Zahid says:

    Plz buy these kind of games

  3. Can I use my current save?

  4. I want a sequel for ManEater to see if that will happen or probably DLC

  5. Zikari SG says:

    Still not available in Asia! Make it happen Sony!

  6. Edgewater 21 says:

    Why they dont use the song man eater? From 80s i think

  7. salar ayaz says:

    I love the PS5 and can afford it, but I live in Iran and do not have access to Sony stores. What can I do? please help

  8. GELB_01 says:

    Oooooh there she comes

  9. Ah another ps3-graphics game from PS5. I guess the 15-year olds don't bother, right sony?

  10. Yousef says:

    Is the narrator of this trailer is Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty?

    Update: Just checked Wikipedia, turns out "Chris Parnell
    " (The person voicing Jerry smith)
    is the narrator of Maneater!

  11. Neoand12 says:

    So Killing Floor 3 next?

  12. Fully Evolved For PlayStation®5 – The next evolution of Maneater is here with full utilization of the PlayStation®5 including native 4K HDR support at 60 FPS, immersive feedback via the DualSense™ controller’s haptic motors, and more! Ray Tracing (previously announced) will be coming in a post launch patch.

  13. Jameel Far says:

    finally got this game for my ps4 m gonna play it today cantwait

  14. For the people who have the disc it’s a free upgrade

  15. Jo Gagnon says:

    just bought this game on ps5 and its AMAZING!!!!! 🙂

  16. Really bad taste. Play as a shark to eat humans. If l play this game l would feel like l was committing a murder.😨

  17. __ says:

    Totally worth 80$

  18. SpicySpider says:

    It’s basically hungry shark but like better graphics

  19. 819 8055 says:


  20. charles21180 says:

    "This shark, swallow you whole" – Quint

  21. Dylan Zammit says:

    This game is a stuttering mess on PS5… Looks like they released it far too early without testing it.

  22. wildmuttben says:

    More people need to play this game

  23. Isaiah Adams says:

    This game looks like it’ll be surprisingly fun. But just one question on my mind, are you playing as the sharks or the humans?

  24. Niccolo says:

    This game has a serious stuttering problem on PS5. It's extremely annoying.

  25. Ashok Hansda says:

    Eats time to eat the people, o yeah! But I don't have anything.

  26. Tài Võ says:

    Who’s here from PlayStation plus January 2021 ? 👍

  27. MrRUKnight says:

    This reminds me so much of playing Ecco The Tides of Time s a kid. It's the grown up version.
    And at 0:56, okay Ahab! Not your leg, not a white whale, but same sentiment.

  28. january 2021 free ps plus games for ps5.

  29. I T3CHL1N I says:

    This seems like a old flash game called "feed us"

  30. Jay J says:

    Here cause of PS Plus 😁

  31. filantropia tropia filan

  32. The city looks like GTA 5 los Santos 😅

  33. Bob Bob says:

    please could somebody tell me how big the game will be on my ps5. ive looked everywhere and cant find an answer

  34. Qur’an says:

    And it is now available for ps + members free PS5 only.

  35. Dude this the same trailer

  36. F I says:

    Is that Bob from Tekken @ :41 seconds?

  37. carlo Magno says:


  38. carlo Magno says:


  39. Smigo218 says:

    Looks like an upscale version of hungry shark on mobile

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