Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Revealing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a brand new journey from Insomniac Video games coming to PlayStation 5.




  1. Grupo Retok says:

    show de bola !!! amei !!!!!

  2. Ireland Man says:

    Is there a single person on the planet who knows what the song in this video is called

  3. The tryna hate in us SO SATISFYING

  4. DrawSection says:

    remeber when u fliped out seeing this?
    those were the times bud those were the times

  5. RÏØT FN says:

    One of the best games ever made !

  6. Saitama says:

    Who is here for that beat 1:10

  7. show de bola !!! amie !!!

  8. I can't believe its been 7 months since this trailer released.

  9. aa1221 says:

    back here after platinuming the game

  10. Joan James says:

    Got Techwiz0 on Instagram to fix crashing problem! He's completely reliable! I was almost giving up on my new ps5

  11. Earth Man says:

    It's weird how some scenes in this game Trailer didn't make it into the game because some scenes were made for advertisement or entertainment purposes only like that's pretty interesting

  12. Akshat Gupta says:

    My only complain is the absence of the final cutscene where miles takes off the mask in the game

  13. El zorro. says:

    "You are the reason I´m brave, Miles".


  14. It's Cheems says:

    1:02 the battle in times square i waited for 😞

  15. Mr Happeh says:

    When u think about it this trailer was no different at all from the game nothing was downgraded

  16. This Trailer is way to far

  17. MLG GAMES says:

    Every turn off turn my phone sideways the sound just sounds weird

  18. why nobodie make spiderman new game for pc

  19. Which music is this I want to know cause it’s lit!,!!!!

  20. When them Kid Cudi vocals start, that’s when my heart races

  21. Arkham Red says:

    0:49 "Yeah!"
    If you turn it up and listen close it's the exact "yeah" from when miles crafts the classic suit…
    Continuity Detail

  22. When did the energy stop being white and turn yellow?

  23. Enjoyed the game, just wish it was longer overall great gameplay

  24. احم أنا الوحيد عربي

  25. Llp Peeworld says:

    Can u please please please make a second one where phin comes back to life😭🥺

  26. Shorse says:

    I want his coat in real life. I wouldn’t use it since I live in Australia. But I want it

  27. Lol they censored the N word in the song.

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