NBA 2K21 – Next-Gen Game Reveal Trailer | PS5

NBA 2K21 next-gen gameplay is right here. Captured on PlayStation 5, that is the primary true take a look at what players can count on on next-generation consoles this November. NBA 2K21 will probably be out there on November 12 for PlayStation®5 within the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and November 19 for PlayStation 5 in all different areas.




  1. dont much improvement over ps4 version, feel like they are just porting the ps4 version

  2. No Live Pass says:

    sad to see klay hit that 3 while he cant next season

  3. no says:

    Why do people keep saying fifa always do the same thing what about 2k I'm not a fan of both im just confused can someone answer pls

  4. J Carteli says:

    2k21 is being work right now

  5. J Carteli says:

    It's not next-generation done yet

  6. J Carteli says:

    My uncle works in ea nba

  7. This is for you to my late brother in law who passed awhile ago. How we waited for the basketball games to look this real. last game we played was NBA Shootout 97. Rest Easy Big E

  8. Why does Steve Kerr looks like Howard Hamlin from Better Call Saul

  9. Sean Shea says:

    Next gen micro transactions

  10. Bossix84 says:

    I spit on that microtransactions.

  11. King Nica says:

    Looks amazing. Anybody play this yet. And if so what’s the verdict?

  12. Ma1q says:

    Imagine still buying 2k games in 2020 😂

  13. Frank Vogel says:

    Is this song in 2k21 next gen?

  14. aliyu anua says:

    Thanks to legit_hack4 for urbaning my psn successfully..

  15. Ps5 in 2k21 is the best recent 2k games ever made since nba2k16. Surprising!

  16. King87 says:

    How Is the title of this Song?

  17. Wow. Just imagine what PS7 will be able to pull off one day 🙂

  18. Volatelo! says:

    I live in latin America, here is all soccer, never an NBA fan but dang, im definetly playing this game… It looks sick… I got goosebumps with this trailer.

  19. With every update they're gonna need to add 10lbs to Zion. lol

  20. hexagon rage says:

    This game doesn't know about social distance

  21. By the time ps6 and the next Xbox is out we finna be controlling real life people no cap.

  22. Y'all coulda really used better music 🤨

  23. if you think about it 2k21 next-gen is really just 2k with shaders

  24. Played yesterday. When Curry went to the foul line and put his mouthpiece on the side of his mouth biting on it I almost passed out. The graphics of this games are phenomenal. This trailer is beyond accurate.

  25. Enrico Berti says:

    Wath is the name of the song

  26. Gameplay 15 fps hahahahaha.

  27. like real nba game.. it is almost same

  28. Joan James says:

    Thanks to Techwiz0 on Instagram for helping me hack my ps5… He's highly recommended

  29. new balance says:

    This is what nhl should look like on the ps5 when it eventually comes out, I’m going to be disappointed if it doesn’t!

  30. JAYN says:

    I had a major goosebumps when he entered the court. Even my curly legs hair went straight.

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