Nintendo GameCube Games that NEED to be Remastered Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo GameCube Video games that NEED to be Remastered Nintendo Change Video games

Digital Console on the Nintendo Change is trying much less and fewer possible, BUT, that doesn’t must imply we gained’t get GameCube HD remasters, remakes, and/or ports on Change. Nintendo’s GameCube is residence to many classics like Tremendous Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing, the majority of the Metroid Prime collection and plenty of extra. With video games like Tremendous Smash Bros Melee being a great quantity of individuals’s all time favorites, GameCube is prime for extremely anticipated remasters. All of these and extra have the potential to be phenomenal additions to the Nintendo Change video games library. AJ has some concepts on what else ought to make its means from GameCube to everyone’s Change assortment, although.

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  1. Me, Star Fox Adventures and Assault. Anyone else agree?

  2. Sunshine and Windwaker are all I ask. I would love to see Air Ride too, however.

  3. You had me at Eternal Darkness, great list

  4. That classic controller for the wii is one of my favorite Nintendo controller

  5. Reduckulous says:

    Don't get me wrong, I love TTYD just as much as anyone else, but I also really like Super Paper Mario. Sure, it's completely different from the first two, but I still enjoy it. It isn't nearly as heartless as Color Splash and the sticker star

  6. Like if you want Gamecube controller to become world record holder for longest running controller.

  7. Along with most of those games, I would also like Fire Emblem Path of Radiance to be remastered. Likely? Probably not, but still.

  8. Ragindragn says:

    We already have Luigi's mansion 2.

  9. Ragindragn says:

    I don't want melee on switch. I like the game but let's be honest here, super smash bros melee is not even that good. Its still technically worse than brawl

  10. GameAimPlus says:

    I feel disrespected that you didn't even mention Star Fox Adventures 😒😧😔

  11. Andrew Esty says:

    We need a Sonic Battle 2 remastered

  12. AustinBobo1 says:


  13. Oh yes I would metroid prime trilogy remastered or port to the Nintendo switch. And I would be happy to see a remaster or port of F-Zero GX to the Nintendo switch

  14. At this point,​ I'm willing to pay a full $60 for the good Gamecube games like Sunshine, Luigi Mansion, double dash etc.

  15. If I could use the pro controller​ on Sunshine my mind would explode

  16. Fork Warrior says:

    Bring back Oot and Majora's mask in hd

  17. The Switch Pro Controller was close to beating the GameCube's controller (in my opinion)

  18. anistaisha9 says:

    My list isn't long because there are so many GC games I didn't have.

    1. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (an amazing co op play game that fell short on GC due to the amount of required pieces all players need to have. But when everyone could link in to play, we had a blast. I think the switch could make that happen with ease)

    2. Starfox adventure (while not a traditional Starfox game and was originally a separate game altogether, Starfox adventure is one of my favorites. The music, the adventure mode, the trials that made you want to choke someone. I miss it terribly! Would love to play it again.

    3. Starfox Assault (this game was great! The sound track, the story the gameplay, the multiplayer! and the best part, No motion controls. Assault is probably my favorite Starfox game to date. I like zero, but I was unable to finish it due to the controls.)

    So that's my short list. I'll pray someone somewhere will read these comments, feel pity for us, and make a thing happen.

  19. Remastered Star Fox Adventures!

  20. My Wii List:
    1: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
    2: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    3: lmao i haven't played that many good non-mario wii games. thx mom

  21. I want Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault remastered to the Nintendo Switch.

    Changes I want in Start Fox Adventures:

    General Scales battle where we can actually fight General Scales.

    Changes I want for Star Fox Assault:

    More missions
    New vehicles, like the Blue-Marine in Star Fox 64, if they put Aquas for one of the missions, Walker and the Gyrowing in Star Fox Zero
    Landmaster’s ability to fly like in Star Fox Zero
    Ability to switch your view.
    CPUs for Vs. Mode
    Online Multiplayer

  22. Jean Garrido says:

    not have watch the video yet but just for the title I FUCKING LOVE IT

  23. Jean Garrido says:


  24. John Matlock says:

    Wow this guy crazy but more power to ya brother Mario kart double dash was way better than the rest of them.

  25. Dan Roland says:

    If they got rid of double dash's loose controls, I would cry. The loose controls of double dash enable the player to have full control. The tight restrictive controls of Mario kart Wii and on make them my least favorite. It's the same story for Melee, it's loose controls enable the responsiveness to soar

  26. Alan Alan says:

    I love the way he states that it’s legal to have an opinion then repeatedly bashes people that like games he doesn’t

  27. Big Smoke says:

    For me it would be sunshine and mario strikers

  28. Pretty basic list buddy, not bad, I have been know to enjoy the pumpkin spice latte of games as well. I would like to see lost kingdoms remastered, some HD Tales of Symphonia with an updated battle system and maybe some less big head style characters. Air Ride, you were right on the money there (although I would rather a sequelle) Star Fox assault I loved that multiplayer it online would be nuts. There is probably more that arnt coming to mind 😀

  29. Phylaxx says:

    Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, Kirby AirRide, and Metroid Prime for me

  30. Nigga you will never see anyone good play on most other controllers, no disrespectful intentions but come on bru

  31. Dino Crisis 1,Silent Hill 1,
    Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare,
    Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf,Metal Gear solid 1,Turok 2: Seeds of Evil,Alien: Resurrection,Syphon Filter 3. These games when will they become remake????

  32. Airik1111 says:

    I have no idea why Mario Sunshine has been ignored for a remastered edition or better yet part 2. IMHO its the best overall Mario game ever made, the game play was so awesome and added new formulas to an old system LOVE IT!
    Also Metroid prime is a must BUT PAAAALEASE get rid of the motion controls on corruption for those that HATED THE Wii controller…. Yes I hated the Wii and didn't play that system hardly at all. If it wasn't for a couple games I would have never got that gimiky piece of crap.

  33. Pedro Castro says:

    Metroid prime al stars 1,2,3 and hunters

  34. Vaughn Hale says:

    YouTuber: Please share your opinions in the comments section!
    Literally Everyone Else: KILL THE CONTROLLER

  35. Vaughn Hale says:

    My favorite Smash Bros game is Brawl

  36. Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Super Mario Sunshine Resident Evil 0 Remake 2 3 Nemesis Mario Kart Double Dash Luigi Mansion and others ^_^ I love the voice acting for all of these games sonic adventure 1,2 super mario sunshine resident evil games ^^ 💝 everyone has there own option but it not nice to be mean about other people opion though

  37. 206 Why Make 3ds People Suffer Cause They Should Both Have Game's

  38. JiggyMcPiggy says:

    Paper Mario Thousand Year door remaster on Switch would be a dream come true!

  39. fox b5 says:

    Conkers bad fur day was the greatest game I've ever played on the cube I would love it but rare owns the rights oh wait Microsoft is bringing their games over

  40. Mamboo07 says:

    Shame i don't have a Gamecube but here's the games i would wish to play:
    1. Mario Party 4-7
    2. Mario Sunshine
    3. Luigi's Mansion
    4. Double Dash
    5. Kirby Air Ride
    6. Wario World
    7. Thousand-Year Door

  41. Best nintendo library of all time

  42. I wish for an Animal Crossing anniversary we'd have a remastered version of Animal Crossing Gamecube on the switch, New Horizons kind of graphics and models, or better

  43. Felix Garcia says:

    Viewtiful joe series!!!!! Super cool!!

  44. Jake Everett says:

    Ultimate Spider man and the legend of Spyro. Those are all I want.

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