Nintendo Switch games that you can play Vertically

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If you wish to get an entire new perspective in your Nintendo Change, attempt turning it on it is facet you huge ol’ dumby. There are a shocking quantity of video games that enable for this performance, and some methods to attain this vertical orientation comfortably, such because the Flip Grip…

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  1. Kevin Dodson says:

    Growing up we had Donkey Kong that had the factory level. It was on cartridge for the Atari home computer.

  2. My Van says:

    I met you at Pax East and you were super cool, we took a picture together and you gave me a a sticker. I love my Flip Grip!!!

  3. nyc.joseph says:

    Down well is 2 dollars right now in the eshop and i just got it because it looks fun! Thanks

  4. Water Cat says:

    I think vertical mode is perfect for website and text and code but my monitor doesn't have that option

  5. SanT Dz says:

    I basically got Downwell for free. It had a discount and I paid the 1.5 USD with my Nintendo Gold Coins xD

  6. bigjake360t says:

    Donkey Kong, Punch Out, and Namco Museum are some of the games I enjoy playing vertically.

  7. I want Dr. Mario in veritcal orientation.

  8. The thumbnail made me have to think a little bit

  9. Since day one I wanted an adaptor to connect the joycon this way to emulate DS

  10. John Ohrn says:

    No love for Ikaruga?!?!?!

  11. It's very niche, with not many games supporting it. Also, the switch lite can't play most of those, but to give him credit when this video was made the switch lite didn't exist.

  12. Coophack6584 says:

    How…I just tried and it did not rotate

  13. Solar Liquid says:

    dont forget about groove coaster!!

  14. Squid kid says:

    I want ds and 3ds ports :0

  15. i JUST bought the satisfye slim pro bundle, it should be here soon, i cant wait

  16. Allie-RX says:

    For some reason, Raiden V doesn't have this feature. So you get this bezel that's VERY distracting.

    By the way, this mode is also known as TATE. 😉

  17. Neon Avea says:

    If only a nds or 3ds virtual system, oh what i would do to play those on the switch

  18. How to scratch thesides of your switch

  19. YogiJogi HK says:

    The only draw back is the shell blocks the volume button. But I can control volume by long press Home button. So no problem.

  20. Diego G. says:

    What to heck ????

  21. copyablco w says:

    Sow no one's going to menchen the cable mamagment

  22. MooX_0 says:

    You can add groove coaster since last november, one of the best rythm games on the switch now

  23. Dual Moon says:

    Where did you find those Sonic statues?

  24. JERRY DAGA says:

    what if mobile legends, lol or dota are available in nintendo switch 😅😅

  25. CodeKirby says:

    I can smell the DS from here

  26. From the moment I saw the switch I thought Tetris with one joy on a vertical screen Sounds sick but alas

  27. SHUMPPPP u a SHUMP he A SHUMP she's a SHUMP we all a SHUMP

  28. SneaX says:

    People say "nice, you didn't film it vertically" but you could have filmed it vertically, but flip the image. (Weird for phones and pcs, but you could watch the video on the switch 😀

  29. Switch lite: am i a joke to you

  30. The labo does that as well

  31. Ryan Barrett says:

    I can't believe you not once ever mentioned Ikaruga!!! FAIL!

  32. FuZZbaLLbee says:

    Works well with pinball games as well

  33. YogiJogi HK says:

    pinball games perfect for vertical

  34. YogiJogi HK says:

    VOLUME button issue. You can press "HOME" button for 1 sec to pop up the setting menu and adjust the volume & brightness.

  35. Hormann says:

    I play the Psikyo shooter verticly on a computer monitor that I can flip, my question is, can I play any other Switch game verticly on my monitor while the Switch is inside the dock? Or is maybe a way around the problem, so I could flip the Switch and it turns on my monitor?

  36. please never stop doing this fantastic perfect videos


  38. A donut box? What do you think I am…American?

  39. Wolo Lo says:

    Don't forget about Switch 'N' Shoot. Great arcade game imo, and perfect for vertical.

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