Open Roads – The Game Awards 2020: Teaser Trailer | PS5, PS4

Open Roads is the following sport from Fullbright, the award-winning creators of acclaimed story video games Gone Dwelling and Tacoma. Coming quickly to PlayStation.

Lengthy-lost household secrets and techniques. Hints of a hidden fortune. And miles to go earlier than they sleep. Tess Devine’s relationship together with her mother has by no means been straightforward, however they’re about to set out collectively on a journey into the previous that they’ll always remember. Starring Keri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever.




  1. The art style reminds me of Firewatch and I love that so much

  2. LightTH 1000 says:

    This is literally 2D Life is Strange

  3. thrice1987 says:

    If Annapurna publishes it, it can't be bad

  4. Woo!!! New Fullbright game!!! Can't wait!

  5. 2D Life is Strange with music that reminds me of Inside Out

  6. this game reminds me of life is strange. It seems to be cool

  7. EnzoTheBaker says:

    When is it coming out?!?

  8. Joel The Owl says:

    YES! Fullbright is all I need to hear. Last 2 years were weak for Walking sims so it's about time for something great. Hopefully Valve will let Campo Santo out of the dungeons to finish In the Valley of the Gods and we're set for a great year.

  9. egusto says:

    Que jogo lindo. Já botei na wishlist

  10. OGMillwood says:

    New Fullbright! Can't wait.

  11. Mr Hazu says:

    Why does her name sounds like a medicine

  12. julien ! says:

    Suddenly, two road games are shown the same day. Funny.

  13. Luke K. says:


  14. I don't really get what this is but I'm interested for sure.

  15. Jessica says:

    I'm pretty sure this game already exists and it's called Life Is Strange 🤔

  16. This look is so beautiful

  17. Victor C says:

    Wow, characters are hand drawn. Every frame.

  18. Reminds me Of Life is Strange dammit those memories

  19. Lio L says:

    Graphics … make me sick beurk

  20. JUAN 999 says:

    Another walking simulator with a female protagonist ok

  21. Game looks really interesting. But I have to know, did anyone else nearly have a heart attack when the Annapurna logo appeared, thinking Mobius Digital was about to announce something?

  22. I dont know about you but thats like my favourite genre in video games

  23. ZenIceHero says:

    This Indie game kinda reminds me of Road to Guangdong

  24. Reminds me a little bit of Life Is Strange.
    But was it just me, or did anyone think that this was gonna be a sequel to Gone Home? Also that girls voice sounds a lot like the voice of Sam as well…🤔

  25. Mr Breeze says:

    What's the sense of watching such trailers without understanding of how gameplay looks?..

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