Praey for the Gods – Gameplay Announcement Trailer | PS5

Praey for the Gods is coming to each the PS5 and PS4 in Q1 2021.

A boss climbing action-adventure recreation set in an atmospheric open world. You play as a lone hero despatched to the sting of a dying frozen world to find the thriller behind a unending winter. Arriving with solely the garments in your again, you need to survive the colossal risks that you simply encounter. To revive steadiness and reclaim the land from the brink, you’ll be confronted with questions that not even a God is aware of the reply to.

All footage captured on PS5.




  1. Ítalo V S says:

    De novo daqui a 2 anos 2022 outro trailer kkk

  2. Joseph says:

    A true spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus? I'll take it! May not have the same name, but it looks close enough. And for PS4, thank goodness! I'm down!

  3. Ian Briggs says:

    Are you planning on commenting today sir?
    I'll have uhh… Shadow of the colossus comment.
    How original…
    With a Breath of the wild reference.
    Daring today, aren't we?

  4. another shadow of the colossus clone

  5. I can’t wait for this game. It will be on PlayStation 4 right? I need to play it soon.

  6. Umbra Lux says:

    Everyon saying "This game is like Shadow of the Colossus."

    Because there hasn't been a successful game like that since then.
    I'm buying this today on Steam.

  7. Do we know if it's going to run fine on PS4? Originally I know the game was built for PC and last gen but after Cyberpunk I'm worried lol

  8. Play&chill says:

    The way they ripped off Shadow of the colossus is just criminal

  9. RobTCGZ says:

    Dude, this snow land DLC for SOTC looks crazy!!!

  10. Djinn 0110 says:

    Wish they would make a game sealing of Dormin and you Play as Lord Emon.

  11. Anime 4 Life says:

    Is this game will not coming to PC?


  13. Boat says:

    Breath of the Colossus

  14. MEXIJUAN69 says:

    Bro they need to make a Second SOC. Would be insane.

  15. Tony Perez says:

    This is basically ONLY shadow of the Colossus remade. I'll play it but they ripped the Collossi shot for shot. Even the parachute was cut content for it originally. I hope Team ICO got a fat check for this.

  16. Solaris says:

    Horizon is NOTHING compare Shadow of the collosus AMATORS

  17. Daniel says:

    Ow that’s the same red hair girl from horizon dawn and every movie and tv series now . Nice

  18. PS4 = 15-21fps
    PS5 = 60fps

    Price will be the same for both consoles.

    Both consoles are trash.

  19. isnt this the same game like the one on kickstarter `

  20. I've been watching this game's evolution for a long time now. I just hope it turns out great! Wish you the best ❤️

  21. Kevin Vu says:

    Still can't get over the name….

  22. Breyvan1st says:

    I have feeling playing this game is just gonna make me turn my ps4 back on to play Shadow of the Colossus

  23. Oh cool Shadow of the Wild.

  24. entre tantos souls like. por fin un shadow of the colossus

  25. possum magic says:

    what does 'coming out in Q1 2021'? idk what Q1 is

  26. Just here for a refresher to keep this game alive

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