Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Venture TRIANGLE STRATEGY, launching for Nintendo Swap in 2022, continues SQUARE-ENIX’s legacy of tactical RPGs. That includes deep gameplay stuffed with selections and penalties, strategically survey the battlefield to achieve the higher hand.

Demo obtainable now

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  1. It’s so nice to see Nintendo and Square Enix working together again!

  2. Lucavi says:

    Give me this game. Now. Right now.

  3. Angga says:

    by the scale, it's more like a tactics ogre.

  4. Reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics…Count me in!🎮💣🔥

  5. Kev Candy says:

    Don't mislead people. This is far from Fire Emblem and more like Tactics Ogre Final Fantasy Tactics and Octopath.

  6. Wish the demo had dual audio. Day 1 for me though.

  7. Kam P says:

    I've never really played this kind of rpg before but it looks beautiful and I definitely plan to give it a shot

  8. TheDivide says:

    oooh Tactics….oooh Strategy ooooooooooo

  9. lolilol A says:

    It looks like a game released 25 years ago … Jesus and this is gonna cost 60 bucks are you kidding ?

  10. GANTZ100pts says:

    My first playthrough will be evil straight up evil. My second playthrough mostly neutral. Third will be goody goody two shoes.

  11. Ho Ho Lord says:

    Similar to octopath travrller

  12. Scrummy64 says:

    Please, please, please have the same composer from Octopath Traveler

  13. Good to know Percy from critical role is finally getting to be in a video game

  14. JezusChris says:

    Am I the only one not seeing anything from fire emblem saga? It's more like fft, ogre tactics and such, no things like that simple triangle strat (other than the provvisory name), don't get me wrong, this would be a must have game, i just don't understand what fire emblem inheritance other people are seeing

  15. The melody at the beginning sounds like "World of Scattering Flowers" from Bravely Default : ^)

  16. Ziro Zi says:

    love it bravely universe hahaha

  17. Anas Coolcat says:

    Triangle Strategy? What's next?
    Circle Adventure?
    Crossed Paths?
    Square Enix?

  18. Ezra says:

    Nothing makes a gamer more excited than NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE lol

  19. Cole Cuts says:

    Fire Emblem Three House 2: Electric Boogaloo

  20. Angel Egel says:

    Who is the director of this game?

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