Spider Man:Miles Morales (Launch Edition / Ultimate Edition)(PS4/PS5) Unboxing

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  1. I'm going to get it on the ps5 when I get a ps5

  2. Bizzare_Dark says:

    What happened if i buy the Ultimate edition on the ps4? Will I get the remastered spider man?

  3. Illusion says:

    I just bought the ultimate editions. I’m at so hype

  4. i want the special launch edition so bad

  5. 황해준 says:

    What is the spiderman code?
    It is dlc?

  6. Ali Bakr says:

    I got the ultimate edition, however, I didn’t get the suit bonuses code only the remastered code

  7. TLG _1mEr says:

    I buyed ps4 and didn't have those skins amd extra

  8. 황해준 says:

    What is the code
    It is dlc??
    Please talk to me

  9. J P says:

    How do I upgrade the ps4 version spider man to ps5

  10. Me das el de la ps4 porfa yo vivo en amegino 678

  11. Kev Zynn says:

    What does the launch addition do cause my mom wanna get it for my brother

  12. JaNotKobe says:

    So if you buy a ps4 version of this game, do you get the free upgrade when you put it in your ps5?

  13. Alou Sidibe says:

    Wait do if u buy the ultimate edition disc, can you download load it digitally with that code?

  14. AbDuL hAdI says:

    Dude why is he in such a hurry with them

  15. obaid ahmed says:

    guys if we buy spider man miles morales ultimate edition

  16. Essence Reed says:

    I have the spider man 2018 and I m getting the spider man mile morales

  17. NateTheGreat says:

    Hey bro can i borrow the ps4 version just for 2 days

  18. Paris says:

    Two games in one? Don’t mind if i do

  19. Cosmo Findr says:

    My dad got me that for Christmas. Little did he knew that we don’t have a ps5 and he got the ps5 ultimate edition🤣

  20. Good video I'm gonna buy that in Christmas dude

  21. Im still playing ps4 cause im saving up money to buy ps6 when in comes out

  22. Erik Vencebi says:

    I bought a ps5 bundle with demon souls and spiderman miles morales ultimate edition 🔥🔥🔥

  23. I really want this game but I feel like the game isn’t worth 50 bucks…

  24. Thank you! Definitely gonna sub 👍🏻

  25. Denis Denis says:

    Can the ps5 launch edition work on ps4 pls respond as soon as you can

  26. - V i b e - says:

    Can someone tell me if Miles Morales is laggy on ps4 or does it run smooth? Thanks!

  27. Does the ultimate edition of the spiderman game come with the remastered DLC as well?

  28. So the Ultimate Launch Edition is basically just a Miles Morales disc with a download code. Not worth paying the extra for it as the resale value will be the same as the vanilla Myles Morales disc. If you don't care about resale, then okay buy it I guess.

  29. BoxBoyFN says:

    Just got the game its epic

  30. Fun fact: I will never pay for this same game 3 times

  31. unpossible11 says:

    So if i buy the ps4 version then put it on a ps5 it wont give me the extra controller features because its a ps4 disc not the ps5 disc.

  32. Vije Lingam says:

    Can wait to buy the game♥️

  33. How to play spiderman remastered on ps4

  34. Ubaid Don says:

    Can I use spider man redeem codes for another ID on ps5
    Pls reply

  35. NINJA PLAYZ says:

    Is lauch edition PS4 good

  36. Jay Toad says:

    Does it come with future DLC?

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