Streaming Powerful Games to your Nintendo Switch? (Resident Evil 7)

Capcom’s latest announcement of Resident Evil 7 being ported to the Swap through a Cloud Streaming service opens a large door for ANY sport to get ported to the moveable console. However is that this a straightforward manner out for lazy builders and publishers?

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  1. I think that this is a great idea for big ass games that will kill the switch, tho I am afraid that this will make some other DEVS with simpler games go lazy with there work

  2. Lucky Hobbit says:

    Ubisoft had no excuse either. Give me assassin's Creed. Any Assassins Creed.

  3. MrYaxalot says:

    If your wifi cant handle putting out a reliable 5mbps you need a new router

  4. The game is in English
    Once you open the game you can change the language from Japanese to English

  5. BlackStealth says:

    This whole cloud thing is stupid. In the end 5-10-15 years from now any and all games based on a cloud service will not be playable once the service stops. I'd rather have the ability to stream my steam games to my Switch via wifi or lan.

  6. Fancy Bunana says:

    overwatch need to come on switch

  7. because of fallout shelter, i got into the fallout universe, so i really wanna see fallout 4 on the switch

  8. Cineha says:

    You sound exactly like Zach Braff

  9. Tony Jenn says:

    ok. how about outlast 2?

  10. Louard says:

    "No excuse"… except that supporting a game this way is SUPER expensive for the publisher. They need to be able to spin up a dedicated client for every single player wanting to play the game concurrently.

  11. Why would you pick the worst game to do this

  12. Give me Steam in home streaming.

  13. Gluetoe says:

    you guys do know fortnite is already on switch right? or am I just late to the party?

  14. The input lag on ps now is unplayable. Only games that are some what playable are arcade games. But any FPS is unplayable (My internet is 16mb per second)

  15. kanev 420 says:

    i like the way you think

  16. Oh yes. I'd love to try and stream a game from Japan. No latency issues there.

  17. little did he know that fortnite would come to switch.

  18. m3talh3ad123 says:

    The Nvidia Shield was my first experience into game streaming. It sucked, a lot. My PC had to be on a hardline, which is fine since it was already on one, but even the tablet being on a WiFi network without using an ethernet dongle made it really inconvenient to use.

  19. Why do you need to yell? You have a mic right in front of you.

  20. Xibyth says:

    Streaming these games around the house would be nice. Without fully taxing the hardware we should get decent battery life.

  21. Alex Oborne says:

    It’s trash on the switch. It’s not playable

  22. Anthony says:

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey is doing the same! Just wanted to let anyone know that is watching this now!

  23. Maykel _ says:


  24. My internet and my wifi are great. I can stream BF1 from my desktop to my laptop and it plays very good. It freezes on my tablet some but on my laptop it's smooth. I'm not even rich either and don't have the best equipment but it works great. I love my router. I get 312Mbps on my laptop over wifi sitting a room away from the router. I have a Netgear R6300v2 router and it was only $30 refurbished from newegg. I don't have the best internet package either. My isp offers 3 speeds. 200mbps at a 350GB/month cap and 400mbps with unlimited data for just $10 more and there is a gigabit speed but it's $30 more than the one I have. I think mine is the better deal of the 3. My gaming desktop is very good. I upgraded my slightly older system instead of buying a whole new system though. I have an i7 4790k, 16GB of RAM, and a GTX 1080 ti. It took me 13 months to get that GTX 1080 ti paid off. I got it through cutting edge gamer. I wish I had saved the money and got it that way instead of paying $90 for 13 months. I paid nearly $1200 for my 1080 ti. Had I saved the $90 instead of paying it to cutting edge gamer I'd have had enough to buy it in 8 months. I have more extra money than $90 each month though because I don't have kids and my bills aren't too high. If I saved everything I get extra I'd have enough to buy an RTX 2080 ti in 3 months. I don't have a great deal of money but if I ever have to struggle a bit to get by it's because it's my own fault and I bought something expensive and not because I'm poor.

  25. MobCat says:

    Meanwhile #AustralianInternet has a switch only has 1.2MB/s download speeds and don't even start me abort upload speeds –___-'

  26. Yuetu says:

    Introducing thd switch it does not games natively but is a good portable streaming device? That doesn't sound like it end well if developers choose to go that route.

  27. Issac says:

    so if i want to play the game and it streams automatically? I know this is late but i just want to know, thx.

  28. Minsoo Kang says:

    Terrible terrible Japanese

  29. Cloud gaming is the future. Not sure why they would get upset at Nintendo when Microsoft is talking about doing it too and Sony. Nobody is getting mad about that

  30. I like the idea of cloud gaming, but not renting. Besides, what if a game on the cloud has a DLC come out after that 6 month window. If they bring this to the US, which they probably will, considering their competitors, they should treat it as a normal game on the eShop. Charge the normal price, and all. Just play over the cloud.

  31. Aayush Das says:

    Fuck, and I live in India.

  32. The Boy says:

    I wonder why rockstar hasn’t released GTA Collection on switch yet . I mean it’s on mobile and stuff .. I wanna play Vice city on my switch

  33. Microwave says:

    Cloud gaming is an interesting idea, however unless there is basically database centers every 50 miles there will be lag and even then you better hope your ISP doesn't suck. The closest to a no-lag solution I've seen myself is steam link, I didn't even feel lag at first but once I had to throw a powerline adapter into the mix then I noticed some lag though seriously it wasn't nearly as a bad as playstation remote and looked quite sharper too which tells me the encoding and compression method for playstation now/remote is part of the problem.

  34. Switch games are too expensive. There are no real price drops. ANY first party title is 60$ no if's and's or but's. Xbox I get 4 from gold, plus the alacarte of gamepass. I dont need much from switch, but 60$ to play a 10 year old game?! (think skyrim). There needs to be a balance or a better way. I dont mind dropping full retail on a GREAT game. Something I am going to fully invest in like Zelda… Im having a pretty good time with it. But… A lot of games feel cell-phone-y when you look at them in the shop… Some clone games ect ect…. I dont need much, but a slightly more cost effective way with this switch I just bought. most games on this thing are rehashed games from other consoles of bygone era.

  35. its funny watching this now when fortnite is on switch

  36. It can be in English but it doesn’t run for very long

  37. Sean Paulson says:

    Why would I buy a switch when I can just play on my phone via the cloud…

  38. gothic574 says:

    I have the hunch the Developers of bigger companies just don't care..
    we as gamers buy the base game (witch, since the internet is fast enough never NEVER, comes completed anymore)
    u buy a 69.99 base game
    and the have to buy multiple DLC'S ( see as destiny's first tow expansions were already ON THE DISC!!! ) but we head to rebuy it anyway for .. Uhm reasons?
    then they sell u a game pass for another time the full-priced game.

    my ps2 games where internet dint exist where freaking 49,99 that's it. FULL GAME without 29410824108273 bugs


    base game 69.99 (comes With 29410824108273 bugs because they don't give a flying f)
    100 GIGABYTE OF FIXES ON THE LAUNCE !! (fixes only 15200412004131 bugs)
    playable for about 3 -20 h
    "DLC" comes out (base game content that should have been on the original game but was cut to resell you) another 20 -100 bucks (depends on how much of the game u actually want)
    season pass another fkn 69.99 after, about a year just to be still able to play a game u already own 4! times.

    so if they cant extract about 300 bucks out of you for one single game that's advertised at 69.99, they will just not do it and blame it on something silly…

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