Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

The creators of the Batman: Arkham collection are again with a model new action-adventure shooter. Probably the most harmful villains within the DC Universe have been compelled to group up and tackle a brand new mission: Kill the Justice League. Create Chaos in Metropolis. You’re the Suicide Squad. Coming in 2022 to PS5.

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  1. gamestimers says:

    Will love to play when this game come out

  2. ryan eades says:

    They retconned deadshot from the Arkham games

  3. johnson john says:

    Thanks to those who recommended me to Techwiz0 on Instagram, he just got my faulty APU fixed now and he's working perfectly now

  4. Joan James says:

    Got Techwiz0 on Instagram to fix crashing problem! He's completely reliable! I was almost giving up on my new ps5

  5. Adam Martin says:

    We demand the gameplay asap!

  6. Andre says:

    cinematic trailer without gameplay.. hmm

  7. Zteck says:

    Like what its showing me, but B.O.B doesn't seem right for the fight scene. Like it should be keeping up with the momentum of the song or vice versa.

  8. Megenos says:

    I love the way they look so ugly, like they have actually been through stuff.

  9. Witness says:

    Calling it in 2021 I got DEADDHOT! now I just 3 more of you

  10. John Cena as Superman? Who would have thought 😂

  11. 1. So apparently Cpt.Boomerang can move quickly/teleport.
    2. A whole year! Gonna forget about by then

  12. leraux x says:

    2:15 I wish DC was more realistic (not talking about graphics) Like the movies, a bit more like movies and arkham and less like fortnite

  13. If can play as deathstroke i'm buying it

  14. ClumsyShark says:

    They got Shark King in this game so im sold

  15. Jeremy Rios says:

    Please be better then the avengers

  16. sabiq rusydi says:

    Teleporting captain boomerang is what the world needs

  17. that ain't superman
    that's homelander

  18. Jewel Denzo says:

    Harley Quinn
    Captain boomerang
    King shark
    Left 4 Death version.

  19. Joel Biju says:

    What we REALLY need from WB and Rocksteady is a Superman game.

  20. Ben Drenth says:

    Sure Boomerang! Blame it on the shark man! Dirtbag!

  21. Echo G says:

    how did boomerang has tracer's power?

  22. Just Potato says:

    Can't wait to see Batman is the only one not getting control

  23. It looks more like a movie if u ask me

  24. DEV BOTFN says:

    This is gonna be fireeee

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