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Tremendous Uncommon Nintendo Swap Video games unboxing. In the present day we check out Little Inferno and The Attractive Brutale for the Nintendo Swap, printed by Tremendous Uncommon Video games!
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  1. COOLTOY says:

    What is your favorite Nintendo Switch game released thus far? Let me know in the comments below!

  2. Fahri Akalin says:

    I don’t know if it’s necessarily rare, but I just picked up wild-guns reloaded for switch, I know it was supposed to exclusive to gamestop in America but I’m sure it isn’t incredibly too hard to find.

  3. Retro Stylz says:

    This is awesome dude!

  4. Thad Cruz says:

    Interesting games. Hopefully it arrives in the country where I'm from. Thanks for showing these games and for the video.

  5. real talk says:

    Nothing but that Super Rare Talk

  6. Favorite game so far is Zelda Breath of the Wild. Its crazy how happy I get when I see a physical book inside the case.

  7. Awesome #COOLTOY!! Thank-you for the awareness!!

  8. zombee38 says:

    Little inferno – the perfect game for rioters !

  9. Jason Wood says:

    Hey Doug. I know your a big video game fan and collector like me. In case you haven't seen this online check this out: JW Custom Mini Arcade Cabinets on flickr. This guy makes and sells any arcade game cabinets in mini form by hand. He doesnt have a website but has an e-mail address. If you end up buying one do a review video! Saw a picture of the Simpsons arcade cab. I know your a fan of that game!

  10. My favourite nintendo game would be house of the dead overkill wii
    Shame its not on switch

  11. Jason Wood says:

    Hey Doug. Just wanted to also let you know I saw some mini arcade cab replicas also on etsy. If you google Zero Arcades on Etsy when you get a chance let me know what you think? These replica mini arcades look cool also but a little on the pricey side! This company is based in the UK. I really liked JW Custom Mini Arcade Cabinets. I saw a brief video on youtube of someone who bought a few of his mini arcades. She mentioned they cost at the time $25 for a standard one and the like for example the sit down Star Wars Cab was $50 bucks. Anyways, if you purchase any of these definitely do a video on your channel. I wouldn't mind buying some in the future as well. And JW Custom Mini Arcade Cabinets e-mail is listed on Flickr.

  12. Jason Wood says:

    Hey Doug. I believe you purchased the Star Wars Replicade with riser from Arcade 1up. Apparently someone made a 12 inch replicade of a working Star Wars cabinet! Just google: Star Wars Micro Arcade Machine.wmv. I watched the video on youtube! It was really cool!

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