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Tremendous Smash Bros. Final is the speak of recent Change video games, however one other recreation launched right now that deserves consideration: Katamari Damacy Reroll. Initially launched on the PS2, Katamari Damacy Reroll is a GREAT Change recreation, that nobody goes to purchase and will likely be a Change hidden gem. Let’s evaluation it!

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  1. RGT 85 says:


  2. AuraCuba says:

    Put the Prince in Smash!

  3. I just picked it up today. Final sealed copy in all of Toronto 😅

  4. DJ Langguth says:

    Can anyone help me? I keep looking for the physical copy of the game, but i can't seem to find it.. none of the gamestop's i've been at have them.

  5. TomApple says:

    Unfortunately GameStop didn’t supply their stores enough stock to meet demand….

  6. brixforcee says:

    anyone else don’t like smash bros?? just me??…

  7. Izzy Izumi says:

    No one? I predicted this a year before it fucking released.

  8. Vero Pag says:

    the game is pretty well discontinued already… i can't find one that doesn't already have the price hiked up, some people are already trying to sell it for over 100 dollars.. if i knew it woulda been this limited i would have bought it right away.. i don't know about other regions but aparently here in canada only eb games was selling it (basically gamespot in america) and i didn't know this as i was waiting for it to appear on amazon so i missed out on the physical version so as a collector i'll have to buy one of the hiked up ones from ebay or something before the price of it gets too insane

  9. In MY Zone says:

    Purchased it!! Very fun and relaxing!! 😁👌🏽

  10. In MY Zone says:

    WHY buy the game if you’re just going to spoil it!! Damn!!

  11. Neoku 84 says:

    Katamari is a strange but satisfying game. I like it and I didn't think that I would.

  12. i didn't realise this is on switch. marketing fail I guess. I'm so getting this.

  13. I just bought KATAMARI for $30 because @RGT85 Told me to!!!!

  14. It's crazy this came out for the Switch, because it unlocked my memory for the game. I had only played it briefly as a kid at Target on PS2. I only owned a GameCube as a kid. So that was the only time I played it in 2004. That is until now… 😁😁😁

  15. Soopa Dav says:

    I want this game with great graphics. But ya been a fan a macy

  16. Rupert White says:

    Man I'm late to this party. I'm getting this game asap. Been hoping this game would make a comeback

  17. I don’t like smash at all. Katamari is more my style. I sunk a ton of time into the ps2 version.

  18. Lol went to go buy it physical right when it released and it was sold out. Still trying to nab one…

  19. I bought this game yesterday

  20. Incinonetta says:

    Something that could possibly help the games sales……. The prince could be a dlc character in smash. Then again people would probably be disappointed with him since katamari is incredibly niche, arguably even more niche than the bayonetta franchise.

  21. Just picked this up for 19.99 at GameStop new well worth it 🙂

  22. Lmao. Mad funny bro but ok I'm taking your word for it since it's on sale for 10 right now

  23. Justin says:

    As of the 15th of April 2020, this is on sale for TEN BUCKS.

  24. It's on sale for 9.89 on US store now

  25. J Wick says:

    10 bucks on eshop today

  26. How do you control that game. No thanks!

  27. Only 10 bucks right now on sale! Copped!

  28. LoculusB says:

    Man you know that why know that u smoke weed because of this game XD?

  29. Angel Reeves says:

    Just bought it today due to nostalgia

  30. Elver Guddo says:

    My man, just today came my Nintendo Switch Lite and today I bought My first game: Katamari Damacy Reroll, amazing game :DD

  31. Helena M says:

    I used to play this as a child with my dad on the ps. I’m super happy I can play this on switch especially for the nostalgia

  32. I just picked it up since I didn't own a Switch when it came out. It is 20 bucks now.

  33. I don't know why this popped up on my recommended but what an arrogant hister to think he's the only person who was buying this game.

  34. Juan Barraza says:

    I bought with back in the day for $20 with the new PS2 slim. Totally worth it!

  35. Juan Barraza says:

    I need a Katamari Kollection!

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