The Nintendo Switch STILL needs these Games

Nintendo Swap is lastly getting Tremendous Mario 3D World, which suggests there’s solely a handful of Wii U titles left caught on the platform, this is what we nonetheless want!

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  1. Port kid icaurus uprising

  2. Jessy Garcia says:

    What about Mario Strikers? That one is locked to wii, I had to work around an emulator to play it 🙄🙄

  3. Ayush Raj says:

    I haven’t played any retro games but I’ll be down to play all Zelda games if they get ported Switch.

  4. seedsskily says:

    I have the Wii U , and I have a Nintendo DS! Both are still in perfect condition, but used. I love the Nintendo DS, I have all my old games. One of them being Zhu Zhu pets. 🙂

  5. Nova Kun says:

    Mario Galaxy 2, where are you?

  6. Noob$lay3r says:

    With all the AAA games like borderlands and skyrim, it needs fallout……..

  7. I want a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, Nights Journey of Dreams, Sun and moon, Wario, The Sonic Advance series, Sonic Heroes, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Kirby and the Magic Mirror, Super Mario Galaxy

  8. Still waiting on Mario Strikers…

  9. syclone 3600 says:

    Ngl sticker star was the best

  10. T Bone says:

    ZombieU would be hard to port to the Switch.

  11. Chase Cairns says:

    if they copy the approach of the Mario 35 yr port. They did 1 64 game, 1 gamecube and 1 wii. Sooo 1 64 game; Ocarina of Time will win over Majoras Mask. 1 gamecube game; Wind Waker will win over Twilight Princess. And 1 wii game; Skyward Sword because I don't remember another canon game on Wii. Unfortunately I dont see a port for Majoras Mask and Twilight Princess right away which is a shame. With that said I could also see Nintendo doing a beautiful remaster of Ocarina of Time with as large of a cult following as it as, maybe will see the same work and love put into it as we saw with Links Awakening. Not same graphics, just the time and effort to re-master the game properly. Id love to see every canon zelda game make it to switch eventually and hopefully re-done for today age in gaming graphics.
    P.S. With all the hate of non-canon Hyrule Warriors games, I think its sad so many are upset with the new one that will be canon. I have never played any of them but from the stand point of it being around the time of the great battle 100 yrs before BOTW i think that the game play finally has a reason to be that style. If they did 100 yrs ago game that was original Zelda game style it would be not a great game. It would be too exactly like BOTW…like literally exact same but earlier in time and then a 20 min cut scene for the ending because Link never does big battles which wouldn't fit the rest of the game play. Vs the hope for an active story line/cut scenes similar to BOTW with big battles toward a big "war" against Ganon will be epic. (down side i am positive there will be escort missions for Zelda)

  12. I don’t think they should keep porting games to give the Wii U at least some value and so that people stop putting the Wii U in the trash can

  13. Joseph Dang says:

    Two words: KINGDOM. HEARTS.
    Specifically 358/2 days. (Re coded would be nice too tho)

  14. The only Wii U games I could see coming to Switch are Star Fox Zero and the Zelda HD remasters. Monolith refused to do a Xenoblade X port and said it would never happen, and Nintendo Land and Kirby are too reliant on the Wii U. The only way I could see some of these working is if you could hook up two Switches and have one act as the gamepad but that might be more of a hassle than it's worth.

  15. Switch needs the classic Pokemon

  16. "One last first party franchise that has a game locked on the WiiU is Kirby"

    You know the Xenoblade chronicles Franchise is first party, do you?

  17. Ryan Rardin says:

    I really hope the NES Remix games come to the Switch. Those were fun.

  18. Raymond Rupp says:

    For the Nintendo direct on the Nintendo Switch pro the games I want is GTA5 or GTA6 Splatoon 3 Mario kart 9 Zelda breath of the wild 2 pike men 3 Dragon Ball z KAKAROT Super Mario Odyssey 2 Ben 10 Metroid prime 4 Nintendo land Family guy back to the multiverses and the Simpsons hit run remake the online games I want is original gameboy GBA GBC Sega games wii wii u SNES NES N64 Ds and gamecube for the Nintendo Switch pro online and I also want is themes folders and Internet browser

  19. Starlink on switch serves as a decent star fox game

  20. Anyone know the background music?

  21. King Ookami says:

    I see Xenoblade x, i click

  22. ItsyBezzzyyy says:

    Amiibo festival comes back


  23. Why didn’t you talk about tomodachi life?

  24. Sunset Rider says:

    There are SIX Paper Mario games??

  25. Saber Squid says:

    Why does the music at the beginning sound like a lofi version of grace and simons theme from infinity train—

  26. Yazzzir says:

    The problem with Nintendo is there trying do move old games for 60 bucks and paper mario color splash or the zelda remaster should be like 30 at the least and 40 at the most

  27. Venom Wolf says:

    Switch needs more original games, main exes that are good unlike zelda botw, it sucked, games should be challenging and have quality better than indie games. Old zeldas would help. Another problem is price, in my country exes are overpriced even used and when they release old game it's better to buy it for 10 times less on ps3. Switch is home console after all, unless You have ankers powerbank.

  28. Ravy Tsora says:

    Good thing with these Switch ports is that I can laugh at how I payed 20 euro's for a game that releases for 60 on the Switch

  29. tekgeekster says:

    Would love to see the restoration moded majora's mask remake of sorts come to switch.

  30. It's great that people that didn't get the chance to experience Wii U games on switch can now do so on switch BUT at the same time I think it's kinda horrible how the WiiU is almost completely robbed of it's library and will become Nintendo's most insignificant console ever. It deserves better than that cause it really wasn't that bad of a console and deserves exclusives that can't be experienced anywhere else. I'd say leave the few games that are left on the wiiU. Switch needs more NEW games.

  31. jellybull says:

    Do people not want original games any more?

  32. Please tell her I need cheese

  33. What about cod bo2 and bo1 on the wii and wiiu like the switch needs a cod on it

  34. david holmes says:

    I think you’ve missed a better idea of 3ds games on the switch like Metroid samus returns, Zelda phantom hour glass and train as bundle, star fox 64 remaster. Games like this would be great titles for £20

  35. Cad says:

    To port Wii u games with that use gamepad they should just make a receiver touchscreen that has attachable joy-cons rails problem solved

  36. Gabriele V. says:

    please, a Paper Mario HD collection! Every game up to Color Splash, HD upscaled, and widescreen support!
    Remapped controls for some of the games, and the total should be 60/70€ (50/60$)

  37. Onix says:

    Jjba eyes of heaven on switch

    Edit: and fallout

  38. AbortedMilk says:

    I cant even find a switch.

  39. I think watchdog from Wii U need porting to switch

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