The Rarest Nintendo Switch Games! (2018)

What are the rarest video games on Nintendo Swap? There are a number of uncommon video games on Nintendo Swap that, if you will discover in shops for a superb value, it’s best to get as quickly as attainable!

One of many rarest video games for Nintendo Swap is not even out but & that is Thimbleweed Park! It is a level & click on kind recreation. Whereas it would not look improbable it is being launched by Restricted Run Video games who concentrate on making… restricted run video games. So after the preliminary launch, you would be hard-pressed to search out this recreation wherever for retail value.

One other one of many rarest Nintendo Swap video games is The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ – the launch cowl model. It is a nice recreation & once they launched it the primary run of Isaac had fully totally different cowl artwork. If you will discover that model in shops, get it ASAP.

One other one of many uncommon video games Nintendo Swap has is the Japan solely bodily model of Bayonetta 1. The one means you will discover this recreation is by importing the Bayonetta 2: Non-Cease Climax Version to America. It is costly as hell, however one of many rarest video games on the console.

Retro Metropolis Rampage DX is one other a kind of uncommon Nintendo Swap video games. It was solely launched on Vblank’s web site in restricted portions & was by no means given a retail launch. It is a fairly enjoyable recreation too.

I’m Setsuna by no means acquired a bodily launch in the US. It is solely obtainable exterior of America in retail shops making it a kind of uncommon Swap video games for us. I counsel choosing up the Japanese model as I feel the quilt artwork appears finest with Japanese textual content. All variations absolutely help english.

Lastly, the rarest Nintendo Swap recreation is at present Misplaced Sphear by Sq. Enix. It was solely launched at Sq. Enix’s web site & at present has the best resale worth amongst all Nintendo Swap video games not labeled Restricted/Collectors/Particular Version. You will be paying a fairly penny to personal this recreation, however in my view it is price it. The sport is nice!

Misplaced Sphear –
Binding Of Isaac –
I’m Setsuna –
Bayonetta (Japan Import) –
Retro Metropolis Rampage DX –

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  1. Don’t forget the new site Super rare games. Has 2 games that can be preordered. Human fall flat and the flame in the flood. It’s a company just like limited run games. I’ve got the 2 from here and thimbleweed Park on preorder. I am setsuna, Isaac day 1, retrocity. Also a few other rare games I have my eye on that wasn’t mentioned, putty squad and syberia 1 and 2.

  2. I'm salty about the physical copy of bayonetta only in Japan we got gypped

  3. Omar Salinas says:

    My wal mart still has ps2 games womp womp

  4. ben31uk says:

    Retro city rampage is awesome one of my favourite games. Very underrated

  5. My local gameshop has 2 copies of lost sphear in stock, I guess they started printing them for retail idk

  6. Retro city rampage DX standard edition only had 2k copies while the collectors had 3k so, that said which one is the rarest?

  7. Randy H. says:

    I have three physical games from this video:

    Lost Sphere
    Retro City Rampage DX (Collector's Edition)
    The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (Launch Edition)

  8. Glad I bought Thimbleweed Park for Switch. I was able to get the Bigbox (which sold out in 3 minutes) and 1 regular copy. All that said… I don't even own a Switch and I barley had the money to do it, I just don't want to feel like shit in 5 years saying "F#[email protected]!! I should have bought that when I had the chance!".

  9. Who Cares says:

    You should check out the uk based Super Rare Games. Similarly to Limited Run Games they make physical versions of digital games, like Human Fall Flat and The Flame in The Flood. I would love to see you talk about them in a video, but either way thought I'd give you a heads up!

  10. The Boone says:

    To many games, my wallet can't deal with it lol

  11. Nazoou says:

    I got Isaac the manual version.

  12. Tardigrade says:

    the lost sphear isn't exactly rare…

  13. N B says:

    Why in the world is Goldeneye 007 in your list of games that are rare or hard to find. That game is common as hell and $15-$20 at almost any game shop

  14. MoiEnNoir says:

    Let me say it again. Limited run games and now this gaming publisher "Super rare games" are GIMMICKS! They pray on collectors. The games they release are bad, mediocre at best. Do you're due diligence and stay away from these companies.

  15. Dario Rivera says:

    Okami hd physical version is rare it's only available in japan

  16. You'd think that games by a company that specialize in limited run games would actually make them less valuable. Games that have no intention on becoming rare are the real valuable games.

  17. In Europe is lost sphear not rare here can you find it everywhere

  18. If you are a collector don’t waste your money on imports. Remember that for a complete North American collection you don’t need Bayonetta 1 or I am Setsuna. Also all Super Rare games are not considered North American since they DO NOT get rated by ESRB. If you ever want a complete North American Switch collection focus on games like ‘The Lost Child, Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded, Fallen Legion Rise to Glory etc. Those are the games that you can buy easily right now that collectors will be looking for in the future. Simply only for low production numbers

  19. Bad Broozer says:

    This video bothers the crap out of me so much because I’ve had the chance of buying some of these games and never thought about it until now xD

    Edit: Also, is Brawlout a rare game? Gamestop seems to be the only place I’ve been to that has a physical copy of brawlout

  20. Guys, Lost Spear is currently on sale on Square Enix website for $24.99… it’s not rare it’s actually a bargain bin game now… go pick it up

  21. I own a few looking to get more 😜

  22. Tannerbabs says:

    I got everything but that climax edition. Didn’t square start selling lost sphere for a discounted price on there website?

  23. Space Ball says:

    Lost Sphere is readily available on Amazon

  24. I didn't even know Retro City Rampage had a physical release for the Switch. It's a great game.

  25. The only game worth my money and time and worth owning a switch which I ran crazy for at the day of release: Zelda BoTW. I no care for these silly ass rareties for as I am a simple man wanting to play some Zelda by good nintendo developers.

  26. I wouldn’t really consider limited run games to be a part of the official library
    Otherwise this entire list would be entirely made up of limited run games

  27. BigSkylar says:

    I'm from the future and retro city rampage is going for 150 new or slightly less then that for a used copy.

  28. YoSahop says:

    Are you the brother of the comedian Kev?

  29. Uh, I have a physical copy of Bayonetta 1 in Australia.

  30. GAB LAGMAN says:

    In the philippines we got binding of isaac (the rare one) for 1750 pesos about 50$ nobody cares about nintendo here 😑 they just want ps4 and xbox one

  31. Katamari Damacy reroll might be rare soon. It got a limited release.

  32. It's Demetri says:

    Have u found naruto ultimate ninja storm trilogy physical it's a japan exclusive. i seen it at 50 dollars on amazon.

  33. Confused why golden eye is in the beginning of this video?

  34. The reason Limited Run Games are labeled as such is because they are releasing physical copies of games that were released only as digital, not because the game itself was a limited run.

  35. Adam Bennett says:

    another rare game for the switch is doa xtreme 3. sure you can goto the japan eshop and download the basic free version but physical copies imo are better for few reasons. one you wont always find physical copies as digital and well the second reason being licenses could expire without notice. doa xtreme 3 you wont find on the eshop unless like said you use the japan store. you cant even find it in retail stores including gamestop. you can however buy it on amazon or ebay but costs anywhere between $80 to $300 and they sell out fast. re series is rare as well unless get from eshop or online stores.

    btw for those wanting to know how to access the japan eshop to have access to more games not released in uk or usa all you have to do is make an account on the nintendo website with a second email address, make sure the region is set to japan then goto your switch, make an alt account then link the japan region account to it and done. note tho only use this account for the japan estore. your other account wont be affected nor will it change language settings or delete your saves. the alt account will be the only one in japanese language and yes the store definitely has games that were never released. i found grandia collection on it as well as many others some may be interested in

  36. moegoggles says:

    I’ve been looking for a video like this!

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