Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch eShop Indie Games – January 2020

Prime 10 Finest Nintendo Change eShop Indie Video games – January 2020

0:35 – 10: Slay the Spire:
1:35 – 9: Baba is You:
2:33 – 8: Black Future 88:
4:07 – 7: Neo Cab:
5:17 – : 6: Kine:
6:31- 5: Useless Finish Job:
7:35 – 4: Creature within the Nicely:
8:33 – 3: Rain World:
9:49 – 2: Return of the Obra Din:
11:16 – 1: The Touryst:

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  1. RockDarken says:

    I recommend Fight 'n Rage to beat 'em up fans. One of the best indie games of the genre.
    Gameplay feels like a mix of 90's Capcom beat 'em ups on steroids.

  2. Lexi Earle says:

    whyyyy is no one ever talking about sayonara wild hearts?

  3. Great list! Please keep posting more NSW indie lists. The eShop is too much of a mess to find the really good games.

  4. VirgateSpy says:

    I'm a simple man.
    I see Rain World, I like.

  5. My top 3 so far are Obra Dinn, Into the Breach and The Messenger, the Switch is a great platform for pc gamers who want to game on the go.

  6. Eternity 909 says:

    Finicky is a word. Persnickety is also a word. Finickity is definitely not a word😂

  7. GinFizzz says:

    Hi I'm the annoying guy 🙂

    It's return of the Obra Dinn with 2 "n's" and it's made by Lucas Pope, not Alex.

    Sorry, it's one of my favorite games I had to say it 😀

    Great video though !

  8. "A group of instruments who BAND together"

    …pun intended?

  9. RenatoFr25 says:

    Never heard of Rain World, definitely buying it after this video ends

  10. Wevli says:

    Not sure about this one if its going to feature multiplats.

  11. joewhan11 says:

    Children of morta… A beautiful metrovania!!

  12. Katana Zero was the first game I played on the Switch. So good.

  13. Nice video guys, I had no idea dead end job and Kine existed. They’re definitely on my radar now.

  14. Definitely gonna check out the Touryst and probably Kine now though! I think it's the Touryst only one on this list that I haven't tried or heard much of and I was on the fence with Kine but if you feel it's on par with Baba I should give it a go..

  15. weebish says:

    Dead cells, top tier game

  16. I'm feel really sad because this channel doesn't become huge like deserve it. Theres a incredible content to offer for everyone, has a lot of indie games undeground that in another channel dont show. sorry for my english, I love this channel =)

  17. Jabba Blade says:

    Rain World and Baba is you should be 1st and 2nd places. Anyway nice video 🙂

  18. Steel Savior says:

    I always liked this channel. It seems like you guys are just really into promoting Indie games.

  19. Baba is you and the touryst have been out before January

  20. Dan says:

    The almighty Hollow Knight

  21. Truhilora HD says:


  22. zoz says:

    Hollow knight???

  23. Highly reccomend Rainword to all who sees this post

  24. Crocadund y says:

    I want all those indie games

  25. DUCAL A 3'50 says:

    Where is hollow knight xD

  26. Momo says:

    I just played Baba is You, and can confirm is a amazing puzzle game.

  27. NEX Machina is my favorite indie. Its Robotron on steroids. Its cool that Housemarque hired the original creator of Robotron Eugene Jarvis to help make the game.

  28. A few months ago, I've got Rain World by ur recommendation and I came back to say I've never regretted the buy n still play it until now, but I dropped the Switch-version of Rain World quite early since I personally couldn't stand the huge performance-drops in some areas, also for the pc-version is a big variety of mods available that let's you play the story in local co-op, add new custom maps with custom stories and even custom Slugcats you can play as along with some cool quality of life changes; Rain World became one of my most loved virtual building sets after Breath of the Wild has been in early 2017 for almost 3 years, and that doesn't happen all day to me

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