Top 10 Nintendo Switch Indie Games You Should Own

Welcome to the Get Indie Gaming High 10 indie video games to play on the Nintendo Swap October 2018 version video With the Nintendo Swap being so widespread for indie video games, we determined to have a look by and canopy which 10 of the most effective indie video games on the Nintendo Swap and the eShop we predict everybody ought to play.

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Featured Video games:

Planet Alpha:
My Pal Pedro:

TOP 10 Indie Video games on the Nintendo Swap:

Honourable Mentions:

Gorogoa: Nintendo Retailer:
Shovel Knight: Nintendo Retailer:
Owlboy: Amazon:
Nintendo Retailer:
Limbo: Nintendo Retailer:
Golf Story: Nintendo Retailer:

High 10 Indie Video games on the Nintendo Swap:

10) Undertale Nintendo Retailer:
9) Into the Breach: Nintendo Retailer:
8) Steamworld Dig 2: Amazon:
Nintendo Retailer:
7) The Messenger: Nintendo Retailer:
6) Hole Knight: Nintendo Retailer:
5) Inside: Nintendo Retailer:
4) Stardew Valley: Nintendo Retailer:

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  1. Shady Storm says:

    So let me get this straight. Shovel Knight was in honourable mentions, undertale in 10th place, the messenger in 7th, Hollow Knight in 6th, and Axiom Verge in 2nd. Seems legit

  2. Arkhamfiller says:

    What games are showed from 0:230:29?

  3. Axiom verge was like the perfect metroidvania I really hope they make a sequel to it

  4. wdotill says:

    No one ever mentions No Reload Heroes!

  5. c00l says:

    My top 10:

    1. Hollow Knight
    2. Celeste
    3. Dead Cells
    4. Shovel Knight
    5. Stardew Valley
    6. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
    7. Cave Story+
    8. Wargroove
    9. Undertale
    10. Steamworld Dig 2

  6. Sauce424 says:

    Stardew valley is one of those games everyone likes and I fucken hate

  7. ken komo says:

    Hey what is the name of the game at the beginning where the dude is spinning around and shit shooting people with two guns? Thanks.

  8. Shovel Knight – only an honourable mention – are you crazy? Maybe you should watch this play through

  9. Game Queen says:


  10. WOAH I feel like I rarely see Axiom Verge so high up in a list like this, that made my day! Solid list.

  11. Hollow Knight is the best indie game ever made

  12. Local Man says:

    is binding of issac not on because it's too expensive? or bad version or something, please? I was thinking of getting it, as would love to play it handheld.

  13. Local Man says:

    Also, not sure if the port is up to snuff, but Salt and sanctuary is really worth checking out as well. It was the first 2D Souls-Like game, and still stands up really well IMO. Hyperlight drifter as well. This is more akin to zelda maybe than than Dark Souls, but it came out around the same time as S&S. Was one of my favourite games that year (I still have a background from it on my steam page actually. my featured badge is hollow knight though)

  14. Permideath is a massive turn away for me

  15. Zero says:

    Where's games from Devolver Digital? They had some of the craziest indie games. Hotline Miami, Kitana Zero, Mother Russia Bleeds, My Friend Pedro and more.

  16. Mulanis says:

    Hold up! When did he look like that?!
    10:43 that’s terrifying oh Jesus!

  17. The steam world games are unfortunately way too short.

  18. Undertale is the most overrated game of the past decade. Dead Cells is definitely the best indie game on the switch right now.

  19. I agree with the dead cells spot

  20. I know basically every game in this video (except for two honorific mentions), I absolutely love some of them, I hadn't play others because ain't my thing, and I genuinely hate a few of them.

  21. XYoshi 10 says:

    I like how shovel knight is part of the padded out honorable mentions but it’s also the thumbnail

  22. Butter jelly says:

    Ummm anything about cuphead? Cuphead was already ported when this video uploaded right??

  23. euro says:

    Celeste main story takes longer than 10 hours. Took me 2 to 2.5 hours each chapter. That seems to the average for most people's first playthrough.

  24. D4Real says:

    The real tragedy here is that by putting hollow knight all the way back in 6th you lose MAJOR credibility. As a result some people may not take your recommendation of Dead Cells very seriously even tho it really is an amazingly good game. But come on, hollow knight is the top… just look at the comments section.

  25. gamerone00 says:

    What is the game a 0:25? It looks super interesting

  26. whoto says:

    >Shovel Knight is in honorable mentions
    >Undertale in top
    Fuсk you

  27. My top three
    1. Undertale
    2. Stardew Valley
    3. Hollow Knight (I know Hollow Knight is amazing and might be even better than Undertale and Stardew, but tbh I didn't enjoy it that much.)

  28. Mason Wills says:

    My top 3
    1. Hollow Knight
    2. Katana Zero
    3. Stardew Valley

  29. i loved dead cells, but hollow knight is better by leaps and bounds

  30. shovel knight shouldn't be in the honrobal mentions, what are you insane

  31. Gerard Gayle says:

    If Gris counts as an indie; it should be on this list. It is absolutely beautiful and unforgettable. Excellent quality and execution.

  32. Kidcore__ says:

    I would also suggest you add blazing beaks, it’s one of if not my favorite indie titles

  33. Jombo says:

    Katana zero wasnt out at the time of this video releasing but i highly suggest you check it out

  34. Why'd my man sing "beautifully written characterrrrrrs" 01:06

  35. Russell Ross says:

    Celeste is #1 indie game of all time. In fact it's #1 game of all time. Certainly better than dead cells which is merely a really good game.

  36. Hyper Light Drifter should totally be in that list but it didnt even get an honorable mention…

  37. Bought 5 indies today alone including va-11 hall-a, the way, tardy, hollow knight and 2064 read only memory

  38. i'm happy axiom verge got 2nd place

  39. What was the shooting game in the beggining guys ? 🤗

  40. Martin James says:

    enter the gungeon reee

  41. GodlikeCat says:

    I don't see hyper light drifter?

  42. tichy ad says:

    Salt and sanctuary?

  43. Tin Dang says:

    Bastion wasn't on dis???????

  44. Oh no someone has a different opinion than me how am I going to live

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