Top 25 Nintendo Switch RPGs of All Time [2020 Update]

Rating of one of the best roleplaying video video games for the Nintendo #Swap. These are the highest #RPG titles you will discover on the #eShop.
Full rating of one of the best Swap Roleplaying Video games

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* Fireplace Emblem: Three Homes
* Monster Hunter Generations Final
* Moonlighter
* Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
* Octopath Traveler
* Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
* Pokémon Defend
* Ring Match Journey
* Rune Manufacturing unit 4 Particular
* South Park: The Fractured However Complete
* Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Version
* The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
* The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
* Trials of Mana
* Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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  1. kiurizenful says:

    No Zelda, Nintendo Is bad

  2. Forest link says:

    Done with skyrim,darksouls and witcher still waiting for a worth spending rpg game

  3. andy tam says:

    Fire Emblem shouldn’t even be on the list …

  4. Fire emblem would be m number one and pokemon would be ranked way lower, but other then that this list is nice

  5. DQ XI was an absolutely amazing game i loved it from start to finish.

  6. dustin swank says:

    DQXI is the most boring rpg I’ve played in recent memory. I can’t believe people love it so much. Very pretty though.

  7. Widay Games says:

    I was planning to but me the switch… but if the best rpg they have to offer are all rpg games that have been in other consoles for ages… never mind… such a disappointment from Nintendo.

  8. Forrest Gray says:

    This dude really said Dark Souls has dated mechanics and games are STILL ripping it off a decade later.

  9. LWKGD says:

    Just fyi for people that actually play pokemon sword is much better than shield as the things you get in sword that you dont get in shield are more worthwhile and sword is the definitive competitive version.. so the only reason hed put shield here instead of sword is if hes doing literally no in depth research and just picking one randomly or picking whatever has a higher score… cuz sword is the one you should get 100% no questions asked

  10. maxim espace says:

    lol…so much wrong with this

  11. Doc Holiday says:

    About to start playing octopath.. and children are morta beat that on the PlayStation 4 and unlock the platinum trophy it was a great game I really loved it from the gameplay to the story to the vivid colors… The upgrade system just a well-rounded great game.

  12. Gerking1 says:

    Bro Pokémon SW/SH is nowhere near 3rd

  13. Anonymous says:

    where is xenoblade chronicles definitive edition??? its such an amazing game and not here? why is xenoblade chronicles 2 so low on the list?? where is tokyo mirage? most of these games are played in other plataforms.

  14. Thanks … this really helped a 50 year old gamer ❤

  15. whatoplay says:

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    Join us:

  16. This could video is dishonest

  17. Stuff like Sword and shield and ring fit higher than others like the witcher and monster hunter ? Yea sure …

  18. Mr. Zealous says:

    Where was breath of the old tho

  19. sadgadfg says:

    Way to end the video, so abruptly… Doesn't even give an outro or anything lol

  20. ben collins says:

    Why is Ys 8 not mentioned

  21. Aaron Clarke says:

    Pokemon s&s Dark Souls octopath Traveler Monster Hunter Xenoblade Chronicles tales of asperia deserve more love guys

  22. Octopath Traveler, Monster Hunter, and Witcher 3 that low? But Ring and Pokémon is way up there… NO ZELDAAAA? who the hell made this list?

  23. Tuttons says:

    increase video playback speed to 1.75 makes this watchable, you talk way too slow

  24. Trap Nug says:

    Just a question , is Breath of the wild not considered a rpg?

    Great list btw , gonna check out alot of these !

  25. bagofsteel says:

    Octopath should be at the bottom of the rpg bucket for switch. It just runs through the motions of the jrpg genre, and has a series of meaningless storylines composed of the most forgetable scripts I've seen in a while.

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