Top 25 Upcoming Switch Games for 2021 and Beyond

Amidst the chaos of the next-gen console conflict, the Nintendo Change forges forward its personal path. Out of tons of of titles, listed here are our picks for probably the most anticipated new Change video games releasing subsequent yr.

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  1. Kayten says:

    Damn does Runefactory 5 look bad, and it used to be one of the nicest looking series on the DS.

  2. No Starfox, no F-Zero, no Donkey Kong Country, no Nintendo titles other than a questionable Breath of the Wild 2. I cant begin to explain how disappointed I am in the Switch library. Very few solid titles outside of Odyssey, BOTW, Smash, and Mario Kart. Nintendo is too busy making a fortune on all of their 3rd party games and an absolute buttload of copy cat games. They just keep doing it…releasing ONE Nintendo title every so often. I'm glad that I have a ps4 with a solid library of games to keep my interest because Nintendo keeps falling way short in their library for sure. So disappointing. This will be my last Nintendo console.

  3. Oh wait there’s a MH stories coming out?? Yesss

  4. waiting for genshin impact, apex legends, mh stories 2, mh rise and rune factory

  5. Mike0193Azul says:

    Rune Factory 5 ❤️
    Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Temtem sound 🔥 too as Pokémon replacements

    Hopefully Blood Bowl 3 fixes the single player issues of the second game

  6. Phát Tấn says:

    So only I excited about NEO: The World End With You

  7. Come on guys, Where's Super Mario 3D World Bowser's Fury? It's not mentioned in any of your upcoming switch games vids 🤷

  8. paidninja says:

    Xenoblade 3 is all I want

  9. Can't wait for monster hunter and rune factory 5. 😊

  10. Royal Bones says:

    Can't wait for Monster Hunter Rise and Sky Children of the Light! 😍😍😍

  11. O'nel Asada says:

    I do wonder if Genshin Impact on Switch will have to restart it's events/banners from Venti and Klee since you connot get them anymore. By the time we do have a Switch release, the event/banners will be on the Inazuma chapter and characters. Unless the Switch has crossplay on both PC and Mobile.

  12. Thank you for putting wings of ruin so high on the list

  13. How SMT 3 called lord shiv a demon ?

  14. this is what i like the most about nintendo, stylized graphics. growing up playing japanese games i have no interest in photorealism in video games.

  15. aliyu anua says:

    this pro / crackoford 1/on lG was able to get my lG page verified in few hours, he is such a legend..

  16. Usman Y says:

    I will stick with my pc and 3ds. The switch gives me wii u vibes. Am off it's best games run better on pc

  17. Drew Cook says:

    Some of the games look interesting to play. Actually, Doom Eternal was released few months ago on digital because the physical copy was cancelled.

  18. No mention of disgaea 6 huh 🤔

  19. Gene says:

    Im still waiting for Rune Factory 5. the only reason i got NSW console last year.

  20. bode says:

    it is not botw 2 asshole it is a sequel with completely different name

  21. Astolfo says:

    smt 3
    smt 5
    metroid prime 4
    maybe bravery 2

  22. Series evil hunters? The fuck?

  23. I want to try temtem and monster hunter

  24. Nix Kurosawa says:

    Already got my preorder of Atelier Ryza 2 hehe! So excited for P5 Phantom Strikers, SMT V, Nocturne Remaster, NMH3, MH Rise + Wings of Ruin, World Ends With You….. 2021 is the year my wallet dies

  25. i feel like genshin is more of a pc game than mobile or switch

  26. Why do people keep saying botw 2 will come out in 2021? There’s literally no evidence of that.

  27. whatoplay says:

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  28. still waiting on Netflix 😍 favourite game of all time finally coming on switch

  29. Sold my switch after having completed zelda botw. Will buy a new one for zelda botw 2. Until then no reason to have a switch.

  30. John Barnes says:

    you included pokemon unite but left out snap? Okay, I mean you're wrong but okay.

  31. Got my lite today love this console

  32. AVG GAMESHOP says:

    botw2 release in future at super switch & switch v1/v2 & lite , ssshhhh

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