Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong – The Invitation | PS5, PS4

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2021.

Embrace the Masquerade:

Tonight, all the things adjustments. Be a part of us, as we have fun the unification of Boston and Hartford. As we revolutionize our blood provide. Tonight we have fun, and tonight all the things adjustments… Simply not in the way in which we anticipated.

Embrace the position of three vampires, every belonging to a unique clan of the Camarilla. Weave between their intertwined tales, unravel truth from fiction, and make decisions that can outline the way forward for the town of Boston.

Might include content material inappropriate for youngsters. Go to for ranking info.




  1. Bring back BloodRayne instead

  2. Deon Ambrose says:

    Why is this age restricted?

  3. Параша за 5 тысяч

  4. mom som says:

    If this is what ps5 looks like after 9/8 years looks pretty sad

  5. What? Bloodlines 2 and this?

  6. What is the deal with gaming going full CGI and no game play now?

  7. OriHadar says:

    Please don't be another generic open world RPG
    Please don't be another generic open world RPG
    Please don't be another generic open world RPG
    Please don't be another generic open world RPG
    Please don't be another generic open world RPG

  8. Unknown User says:

    I havnt been this excited about a game till this came

  9. Flawed says:

    This tells me literally nothing about this game. What is it?

  10. Marcus Moore says:

    Meanwhile Xbox still has no games lol

  11. SSJNoctis says:

    Werewolf trailer had some metal playing, and this was… weak.

  12. Those some nice hands you got there 0:54

  13. Ashley M. says:

    I can’t watch the vid cause it’s age restricted but can someone tell me what the game is about…😂

  14. Am I the only one gushing inside on how cool the lip gloss effect looks and how great the satanic blood ritual looks???????

  15. Ethic Ethnic says:

    I'm just excited that there is a Black girl, as a major character in a video game (possibly a playable charter even)! That is extremely rare! A darker skinned Black girl, with an African hairstyle too, that is also rare.

  16. Isn't this supposed to be number 2?

  17. B. Jr. says:

    All these “Blade” comments are corny af. Vampire: The Masquerade came out in 1991 (seven years before Blade) and was inspired by D&D’s “Ravenloft” campaign setting.

  18. KEVVBMM says:

    Still waiting for 2 doe…

  19. Joe Brown says:

    This reminds me of blood rayne

  20. Much better trailer than the stupid X-Box one with the dancing

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