Warframe – Next-Gen Reveal Trailer | PS5

The Subsequent Evolution of the Definitive, Cross-Technology On-line Looter Shooter
Warframe Enters The Subsequent Technology with PlayStation 5 World Reveal
Coming Quickly to PlayStation 5
Greater, Higher and Extra Stunning than Ever Earlier than
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Now Obtainable on the PlayStation Retailer
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Warframe is an award-winning, cooperative, third-person, looter shooter that pushes your limits with frenetic fight, and epic adventures, set in a always evolving and increasing sci-fi universe.

Acquire and grasp a sprawling arsenal of various Warframes – every with their very own distinctive Talents – weapons, companions, mechs and even pilotable ships, and personalize them to look and play precisely the way in which you need with an limitless array of customization choices.

Assemble a group with as much as three gamers, or play solo, and embark on cinematic Quests throughout dozens of planets, three Open Worlds, and even the depths of deep house, battling a nefarious, historical evil that threatens the destiny of the Origin System.

Go to the Warframe Web site for Extra Info –

Rated Mature: Blood, gore and violence




  1. TheSmugLion says:

    I wish I could get a ps5.

  2. Mr. J says:

    Ahem account migration from pc to ps plz
    4k hrs of grind and thousands of bucks on the line

  3. i dont care about the graphics, make the geme run smoothly.
    The frame drops are horrbile on ps4 pro.

  4. Sir Omnoms says:

    All I see from this is, frame rate issues.

  5. Jayandbailey says:

    I’ll never get any skins on this game

  6. Where is cross play in this, it's 2020

  7. Gazing Far says:

    Warframe is actually very potential in the future
    Just imagine how far this game could get

  8. thiaoouba will rule the world the next months <3

  9. xJoshie05x says:

    Is this game already on ps5

  10. remember: its free real estate (f2p).

  11. This game stopped being fun for me back in 2016-2018 they once they took out unlimited Farming in void making it less fun. Started Nerfing more and more it was a waste of time playing what you grinded for lol gets nerfed in 2 weeks this Game thrives on peoples wallets buying plat for everything to speed up everything and enjoy it

  12. Looks like all that changed was ps5 got brighter

  13. Username says:

    I remember when this game had Loki as a starter frame

  14. DrkAsDeath says:


  15. Fat Boi says:

    You can make it as fancy as you want but you still gotta pay money To do any side quests

  16. ITzGio XD says:

    I hhavnt been on since 2017 and lost all my progress anyone can help me out I need a clan I’m on PlayStation

  17. Remember when people say warframe just a copy of destiny??

  18. Kyle Coucke says:

    Sweet can’t wait to have to buy new warframes just to progress since farming takes 300 years to get 1 upgrade

  19. ninepuchar1 says:

    This is the game ,you would want to come back to just for the sake of coming back…

  20. Dan Fawks says:

    I've been 3 years stuck in a control mision in the void cause i want to follow the campaing

  21. What's Good says:

    The game is so fun but you have to pay to win.😑

  22. johnson john says:

    Thanks to those who recommended me to Techwiz0 on Instagram, he just got my faulty PS5 fixed now and he's working perfectly now

  23. I can't believe this game is free, I just started playing and I'm living!!

  24. Zly Kust says:

    Best free to play game)

  25. UltraNighty says:

    xbox series x is better

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