Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Gameplay First Look | PS5, PS4

Embrace the ability of the Werewolf in Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood. Study extra in regards to the types, skills, and abilities of Cahal, an exiled werewolf who has returned to participate in a bloody marketing campaign in opposition to the evil oil and fuel company Endron, as our builders stroll you thru the World of Darkness on this commented gameplay video.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is coming to PS4™ and PS5™ on February 4th 2021. Pre-order now to safe unique bonus content material at launch.

Rated Mature: Blood, Drug Reference, Robust Language, Violence




  1. Atis Hub says:

    btw it would better as an Victorian age game, maybe… summoned the "The Wolfman" movie feeling.

  2. Olober sykes says:

    nice, i remember "Prototype game"

  3. Yangster says:

    why he move like a mobile game ad

  4. This needs more gore 
    Gore GORE!!!!

  5. this is so outdated. 2021 release feels like a 2008 release.

  6. Nico St says:

    pesimo cuando arroja a una persona

  7. Kaan k2 says:

    it seems like prototype

  8. Maskeli Hoca says:

    Black Myth: Wukong: "This looks like a joke" 🙂

  9. DavisS says:

    Warewolf gameplay looks like old game " Prototype " Alex Mercer style 😛 ^^

  10. Samuel says:

    This why i got a ps5…?

  11. FEL1X ZERO says:

    Fighting against oil companies…🙄

  12. Jonny Cowan says:

    could've been made Sooo sooooo much better

  13. Sean Wilks says:

    Such potential…such a shame.

  14. The Internet says:

    Looks like that marvel avengers game

  15. anyone else getting Wolverine vibes????

  16. Manny Silva says:

    This looks like hot garbage

  17. Hopefully with patches it’ll look better at least the game runs better than cyberpunk no glitches so far

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